That Time Jason Momoa (Literally) Stood Up For Henry Cavill's Superman To A Hater

Part of the benefit of being on a team and having friends is that there's always somebody that will have your back when you need it. It's true in life and it's true on superhero teams like the Justice League. So when a fan had a problem with Henry Cavill's Superman, Jason Momoa had his teammate's back and the Aquaman actor (literally) stood up to the hater. Check it out:

I'm not sure what the audience member said about Henry Cavill's Superman, but Jason Momoa was having none of it. His whole reaction here is great as he interrupts the question being asked to ask a question of his own. It's so funny too, because even though his tone is calm, it's a question that puts the person on the spot to tell Aquaman why he doesn't like Superman.

In this Twitter video from Puerto Rico Comic-Con in 2015, we don't get to see the fan's response, but after the fans' 'ooooo' you get the sense that the person didn't know what to say. Then Jason Momoa literally stands up to confront the hater. I imagine seeing someone with the size and stature of Khal Drogo pop up and start walking towards you is rather intimidating and could leave you speechless.

Jason Momoa asking the fan if he's got a problem with "my boy" is a fun response to fan criticism. It is cool because Jason Momoa delivers a great moment for the crowd, and messes with the fan a bit, while leaning into his position as a friend of Henry Cavill and the future (at that time) Aquaman and Justice League member.

There are a wide range of opinions on Henry Cavill's Superman and his portrayal in Man of Steel. Some were enamored with Zack Synder's film and Cavill's portrayal and others...not so much, disliking his dourness and all that neck-snapping business. Of course, a lot has happened since Man of Steel, both for Henry Cavill's Superman and Jason Momoa's Aquaman.

Both actors were in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League, but they may now be on different paths that could see them no longer sharing the screen battling supervillains. In September, we heard that Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck are done with their roles in the DCEU, a position that Jason Momoa would understand.

That still hasn't been confirmed, and Jason Momoa recently defended Henry Cavill once more, saying that he is not done as Superman. As for Jason Momoa, he is riding high in the DCEU right now. His first solo film Aquaman recently released in theaters and it is doing quite well for itself at the worldwide box office, already surpassing many of its DCEU stablemates, including Man of Steel and Justice League.

Aquaman is now playing. Keep an eye on our guide for everything going on in the DCEU and for all of the biggest movies heading to theaters next year, check out our 2019 Release Schedule.

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