Child's Play Trailer Is Here And Chucky Is Back

You can't keep a good horror franchise down. All you favorite slasher monsters will be back around for a reboot before too long. Next in the line, however, may be the smallest and cutest little psychopath you ever did see. Child's Play is being rebooted this summer and the first trailer is here, and while it confirms that the living doll Chucky will be back, it's keeping a few things hidden, like the doll's actual face, Check it out.

While the basic premise of the original Child's Play appears to be remaining intact (boy gets toy as gift, toy murders people), from the beginning of the trailer we begin to see how this remake will be different from the original film over 30 years ago. The original Chucky was a fairly standard pull string toy, but this Chucky appears to be much more technologically advanced. The company that makes the doll also makes numerous other pieces of advanced technology and we see what appears to be Chucky scanning his new owner like he's imprinting himself on the boy.

Of course, from there we get a lot of what we're all probably expecting, ominous music and people dying.

What all this new technology means for the new film is unclear, but we can guess that the new Chucky will have a lot more abilities than he had the first time around.

Interestingly, the TV commercial in the background of one shot in the trailer refers to the new toy as "Buddi 2" implying that this is the second generation of the popular toy. Whether this reboot is actually a sequel, where the events of the previous series of films may have actually happened, is not specified, but it certainly seems possible.

Of course, what's most interesting about the new trailer is what we don't see. We see the doll will where the same iconic clothes as his predecessor but we never see the toy's face. This is especially odd because promotional images have been released showing us half of Chucky's face, so we do know, more or less, what the character will look like.

We also never hear Chucky speak. The doll's voice, provided by actor Brad Dourif in the original films, became an iconic part of him. At this point, we don't know who will be voicing Chucky or what he will sound like. That's seemingly being left for a future trailer if not the film proper.

While this brief trailer may not show us a lot, it probably works well for anybody who has been eagerly anticipating a brand new Child's Play, though that list does not include the creator of the original character. Those people only have a short four months to wait as the new movie will be in theaters this June.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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