See Chucky's New Look For The Child's Play Reboot

In a little over a month, one of the horror genre's most terrifying and iconic killers returns in Blumhouse's Halloween. But Michael Myers isn't the only knife-wielding maniac coming back with a bloody vengeance. Chucky and the Child's Play franchise are also on the comeback trail, with a new reboot in the works. As with all reboots, it will be giving the franchise a fresh coat of paint, and part of that updating includes giving a new look to the doll you never should have played with: Chucky. Take a look below to see Chucky's new look for the Child's Play reboot.

We only see part of his face here, but it is enough to tell that this is definitely a new look for Chucky. Overall he is still identifiable as Chucky, but his aesthetic has been updated. The rebooted look of Chucky seems to be updated in a way that makes him more modern, and perhaps more representative of current toys and dolls. His freckles and red hair are still there, but his eyes are a deeper blue and his eyebrows are more prominent and actually tangible-- whereas in some of the other appearances of the character they were just painted on. This Chucky also looks like he takes better care of his hair, because it's much nicer than the frizzy cheap doll hair he used to have.

Changing the look of an iconic character is always a tenuous proposition, and a lot can go wrong that can lead to backlash from fans. At least for me, this image of Chucky from Orion Pictures manages to deftly balance staying true to the Chucky we know and fear and updating him for the modern era. He maintains all his trademark characteristics while also appearing more like what a Good Guy Doll would look like if it was a new toy on the market in 2018-- not 1988 when the first Child's Play was released. This makes sense too, since we've heard that the reboot will see Chucky as a technologically advanced doll. So maybe he has a nanny cam built-in or some sort of voice technology or something like that.

Most importantly of all is that this Chucky still looks truly sinister, with malice and evil lurking just beneath the surface. As far as who will be contending with that evil in the reboot, we may have some idea. Earlier this week is was reported that Aubrey Plaza, who is something of a horror villain herself on FX's Legion, and Atlanta's Brian Tyree Henry are both in talks to star in the Child's Play reboot. The reboot is believed to follow a group of kids who encounter the Chucky doll, and Aubrey Plaza is reportedly playing one of their mothers.

The Child's Play reboot is expected to begin production soon under the direction of Polaroid's Lars Klevberg and based on a script by Tyler Burton Smith. Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for all the latest from The Child's Play reboot and all your movie news and check out the release schedule for all the biggest movies still to come this year.

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