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Theater Offers Showers And Yoga During Marvel Marathon Ahead Of Endgame

Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark in Avengers: Endgame
(Image credit: (Marvel))

Ever since it was revealed Avengers: Endgame would be three hours long, fans have been planning ahead to skip hydrating that day… especially since Marvel chief Kevin Feige said there will not be a single lull in the movie to head to the bathroom. Some fans may be going the extra mile by buying tickets for 22-movie MCU marathon to witness the entire “Infinity Saga” from beginning to end which adds up to just about two full days of Marvel goodness.

For a feat such as this, breaks are pretty much required for survival, and one Massachusetts theater is going the extra mile to provide the best experience for MCU marathoners. At the Showcase Cinema de Lux Revere, fans can catch every single film in the cinematic universe between Tuesday April 23 to Thursday April 25, ending with an early screening of Avengers: Endgame for $90 and a few other sweet perks. The theater will be provided meal breaks, access to shower stations, phone charging stations, 22% off concessions, and the option to drop into a yoga practice and stretch their muscles in between all the movie-watching.

It seems like the ultimate fan event for those interesting in reliving over a decade of superhero origin stories, team-ups, epic battles and one-liners in one cohesive sitting. To be among stoked fans for a couple days and have the opportunity to prep yourself for the main event with these amenities is a clever idea on the Revere theaters part.

Shower stations are especially a nice touch to keep out an uncomfortable stench marinating as a theater full of fans lives there for a few days. It’s unclear just how the theater will provide them, but I’d guess you’d be able to say you’ve showered at a movie theater after the fact. Providing a form of exercise such as yoga is also a great option for the fans to move their legs and keep their energy up amidst all the MCU anticipation!

An event like this is certainly a good way to refresh one’s memory on all that’s happened throughout the 22-film journey. Since Endgame is set to be the culmination of them all, viewing the other movies right before would certainly give fans some additional insight or understanding into the upcoming wrap up. On the flip side, some fans might be so overwhelmed with all the story and battles found in the movies that by the time they get to Endgame they’re exhausted!

No matter how you choose to celebrate the MCU and check out Endgame, it’s certainly shaping up to be one of the most massive moviegoing events in cinematic history. The movie sold five times more presale tickets than the record-breaking Infinity War and is tracking to make $250 million opening weekend or higher when it hits theaters on April 26.

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