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Ryan Reynolds Has A Perfect Mother's Day Message For Detective Pikachu Fans

Mother’s Day weekend is here, and so is the highly-anticipated release Detective Pikachu! For those struggling to convince their moms to go out and see the popular (and adorable) video game character over other new releases such as The Hustle, Poms, or Tolkien, you’re in luck! Ryan Reynolds is covering all his bases during the promotion of his latest film, and has released a special message for moms everywhere. Take a look:

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This has been a PSA! Ryan Reynolds took to his Instagram to share a very on-brand video concerning his own reputation as a foul-mouthed actor (most certainly from playing Deadpool) and placing concerns to rest for Detective Pikachu. As he cleverly explains, the yellow fluffy detective will not be washing his mouth with soap, because he’s a PG character!

Considering the actor has played one of the only R-rated Marvel superheroes on the big screen, moms may have received mixed messages about Ryan Reynolds’ involvement in the Pokémon franchise meaning he’d be placing an edgier take on this character too. The funny video assures audiences that the movie is a-ok for the entire family! It even features a cute exchange between Reynolds’ Pikachu and Justice Smith’s Tim that screams "heartwarming."

Detective Pikachu seems to prove that Ryan Reynolds is more than capable of using his dry humor to attract a younger audience as well … even if adult audiences have grown accustomed to his f-bombs and such. The movie does have a tricky line to walk between appeasing OG fans who are now adults and introducing kids to the new franchise as well.

Since the actor has been playing Deadpool for the past few years, he has admitted that turning the switch into PG content was a bit of a struggle. He recently told CinemaBlend that there could be an entire R-rated cut of Detective Pikachu with all the improv he got out in the outtakes. He’s also pitched a grittier Pikachu that’d be a remake of Mean Streets or Goodfellas as well.

So while a Ryan Reynolds-voiced R-rated Pikachu could certainly exist, the soft and fluffy handle-with-care Pokémon will be gracing screens this weekend. Per reviews of the film, Reynolds’ comedy holds up in his new voice role, some have even said it’s the best part of the movie amidst criticism of the film’s premise.

Whether mothers hear this message or not, Detective Pikachu is heading into an impressive opening weekend after topping the box office Friday with almost $21 million, becoming the first film to knock Avengers: Endgame to second place. The movie also already broke a record to become the best opening for a video game film.

Detective Pikachu is in theaters now! Line up with your moms this weekend!

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