There’s Already A Petition Against Robert Pattinson Playing Batman, Because Of Course

Robert Pattinson

It's only been about half a day since the news broke that Robert Pattinson is reportedly set to be the new Batman in Matt Reeves' upcoming film. That's plenty of time for the internet to organize into a mob of unstable rage monsters. Some are apparently already outraged with the decision to cast Pattinson in the iconic role of Bruce Wayne/Batman and so, the last bastion of the outraged, the online petition, has been broken out, and it asks Warner Bros. to reconsider the decision.

If you're wondering what the rationale behind the argument is, you might be surprised to learn that there really isn't one. The entire text of the petition is three sentences long and it simply asks WB to not make the "Batfleck mistake" again and to "stop trashing" the DC universe. There's no explanation of exactly why this casting decision would do that.

As of this writing the petition has only about 200 signatures on it. While that will certainly increase as the petition gains publicity, because, well, we're taking about it too, thus far it doesn't look like all that many people are seriously concerned with the choice as of yet.

And of course, it's entirely possible that all of this energy is being misplaced. While some reports claim that Robert Pattinson has earned the role of the next Batman, others are reporting that he's merely on the short list, alongside Nicholas Hoult as another potential dark knight.

While not stated outright, it seems clear that the Pattinson hate is due to the fact that several years ago the actor stared in a film franchise where he played a sparkly vampire. Of course, since then, Robert Pattinson has gone on to make a wide variety of films where he has received a great deal of acclaim. There's really no valid argument that the man isn't a good actor.

I find the swipe at Ben Affleck to be maybe the most curious part of the petition. A lot of people, even those who have their issues with the previous DCEU movies, would argue that Affleck's Batman was one of the high points of the existing franchise. It's certainly true that not everybody was convinced of that when he was cast, but he brought a lot of people around.

The same has happened with other roles in the history of the Batman franchise. A lot of very vocal people thought casting Heath Ledger as the Joker was the worst possible idea, and an Academy Award later we all know the truth about that.

Is it possible that the guy who once played a sparkly vampire could actually turn out to be an excellent Batman? Of course it is.

These online petitions never amount to anything beyond letting people vent, and this one won't be any different. If Robert Pattinson has indeed been cast as the new Batman, that's not going to change. I, for one, can't wait to see how Pattinson makes the role, that has been played by so many, feel like his own.

Matt Reeves The Batman is set for release June 25, 2021.

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