The Conjuring 3 Has Started Production, See The Warrens’ Photo

While nobody does the cinematic universe quite like Marvel, the second most successful cinematic universe currently running on the big screen right now might actually be the Conjuring franchise. The horror movies have been incredibly successful with numerous spinoffs and now now the third film in the core franchise is getting underway.

Co-star Vera Farmiga posted an image to Twitter of her and her on-screen husband Patrick Wilson, as the pair sat down for the table read of the script for The Conjuring 3. Check it out.

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Horror fans will be happy to see these two together again, because when it happens it almost certainly means a good horror movie is on the way. Both of the previous Conjuring movies have been both box office hits and critical successes. There's certainly going to be a high expectation from fans that the third entry will be another winner.

Of course, The Conjuring 3 does have one major change that will make it noticeably different than the previous entries. James Wan will not be directing. While Wan is still acting as a producer of the film, Michael Chaves of the recent The Curse of La Llorona, will be handling those responsibilities behind the camera.

Fans of The Conjuring movies won't have to wait until the new movie's 2020 release date to get a chance to see Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga together on screen. The next film in the larger universe, Annabelle Comes Home, is set to open later this month and both actors will appear as their characters from the main franchise in the film.

Still, one can certainly guess that most fans are really waiting to see The Conjuring 3, the main movies have been the real winners with both fans and critics, with the exception of The Nun, which is somehow the second highest grossing movie domestically in the series even though it also received the worst reviews. Globally, The Nun is actually the highest grossing movie in the franchise.

While the table read for The Conjuring 3 means that the script, written by David Leslie Johnson who also handled The Conjuring 2, is done, we have no idea what's actually in it. The plot has been kept tightly under wraps. Vera Farmiga has teased that the movie is going to be something really big, but that's essentially all we know.

While the Conjuring movies don't necessarily put up revolutionary box office numbers, as fairly simple horror movies they tend to have comparatively small budgets, meaning they actually end up being more profitable than much larger tentpole blockbusters.

Filming should be getting underway for The Conjuring 3 very soon but fans will still have to wait a while to actually see the end result. The film isn't set to open until September of 2020.

Dirk Libbey
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