The Conjuring 3 Is Happening

Patrick Wilson and Vera Faemiga in The Conjuring 2

The Conjuring franchise has been scaring up piles of money for New Line Cinema ever since the first movie was released in 2013, and while there are several spinoffs on the way to keep horror fans satisfied, there have been questions about whether or not The Conjuring 3 will ever be made. Well, wonder no longer! It's been officially announced that a third installment in the main series is in the works, and there's already a few names attached to the project.

After co-writing The Conjuring 2, David Leslie Johnson, whose script work also includes the Nightmare on Elm Street reboot and the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons movie, is returning to write The Conjuring 3. Deadline reports that James Wan is also expected to be involved in the threequel, but in a smaller capacity. Wan directed the first two Conjuring movies, as well as co-wrote and produced The Conjuring 2, but for The Conjuring 3, he will only serve as producer through his company, Atomic Monster. Peter Safran will also return to produce. Johnson and Wan also worked together on Aquaman.

No plot details for The Conjuring 3 were revealed, but like the first two movies, it will be based on another case from real-life paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, played on the big screen by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga, respectively. Of course, in this series, the supernatural and demonic activity they study is off the charts. Both movies were met with mostly positive reviews, with The Conjuring making $318 million worldwide and The Conjuring 2 making over $320 million worldwide. With numbers like that, it's cemented itself as one of Hollywood's most successful horror franchises. Despite the lack of information right now, Peter Safran said a few weeks back that The Conjuring 3 will not be another haunted house story. James Wan also expressed interest last year in exploring lycanthropy (i.e. werewolves) in the next movie. In any case, don't expect The Conjuring 3 to repeat the same formula as its predecessors, instead turning to other kinds of creepy cases that the Warrens looked into decades ago.

While The Conjuring 3 is obviously the third movie in the main Conjuring series, it will be the seventh installment in the franchise overall. Following The Conjuring's release, the first spinoff, Annabelle, came out in 2014, and its sequel, Annabelle: Creation, hits theaters this August. Pulling from The Conjuring's cast of other horrific entities, The Nun comes out next year, and will star Demián Bichir and Taissa Farmiga. It was also announced earlier this month that The Crooked Man (who, like The Nun, debuted in The Conjuring 2) will receive his own movie.

The Conjuring 3 doesn't have a release date set yet, but stay tuned to CinemaBlend for more updates on its progress.

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