New Hobbs And Shaw Video Gives Idris Elba Another Epic Stunt

Hobbs and Shaw Brixton holds his hands up, ready with a quip

As if the Fast and Furious didn’t have enough hard hitting stunts to call its own, the series has opened the door to so many more breathtaking feats by giving us its first spin-off: Presents: Hobbs & Shaw. And the film’s antagonist Brixton, played oh so suavely by Idris Elba, looks like he’s going to have one of the most epic moments in the film’s already packed stunt list.

Check out the motorcycle mayhem, in the new ad for the film below:

While we’ve seen a glimpse of this motorcycle stunt in previous trailers for Hobbs & Shaw, the detail to which it’s executed is something that really pops when shown in this contexts. Brixton, clad in all black leather and a menacing helmet, dismounts the bike in mid-ride to slide under not one, but two tractor trailer trucks.

But that’s not all! Not only is Idris Elba’s Black Superman still holding onto his bike, steadying it so it can make it through in one piece; his outfit helps him skid against the pavement more effectively. All of this, with two sets of thick, imposing truck tires closing in on each other, is why Hobbs and Shaw has already made a name for itself as a bonkers action spectacle.

Cars fly as fast as fists in this universe, and with the fights and chases that Hobbs and Shaw is allowed to show us, thanks to the good graces of the MPAA, it’s sure to be one hell of a summer ride when Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham get to engage in their share of the combat.

Early numbers have this extension of the Fast & Furious universe clocking in at $100 million for an opening weekend. And should the ad campaign that’s provided such gems as this Twitter post keep chugging along, those numbers just might hold when Hobbs and Shaw crashes into theaters in early August.

As we’ve seen with director David Leitch’s previous films though, the stunts in Hobbs and Shaw would have been ball busters whether it was a big budget spectacular or a micro-budgeted brawler. His experience as a stunt man in the past, as well as a helmer in the John Wick and Deadpool franchises have already proven that, and now he’s got Idris Elba primed and ready to help hammer that point home.

The more we see Brixton in action, the more we really hope Hobbs and Shaw leads to Elba’s baddie becoming a good guy, much like Statham’s Deckard Shaw did after Furious 7 saw his defeat. Not only would that potential series have to come up with a new bad guy for the team to face off against, it’d surely up the ante with heroic stunts given to this genetically enhanced tough guy.

Hobbs and Shaw pits our heroes against Black Superman on August 2nd.

Mike Reyes
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