There's a reason that they call The Rock "franchise Viagra." The behemoth action star (in every sense of the word) has managed to elevate most of the film series that he has infiltrated over the years, and he has a proven ability to generate fantastic box office results in the process. One of the key examples of that phenomenon was the rejuvenation of the Fast and Furious franchise when he entered the equation as Luke Hobbs in Fast Five (widely regarded as the turning point for the series), and now he will finally be rewarded for his hard work with a spinoff movie of his very own, which is now being called Hobbs and Shaw and will feature Hobbs teaming up (once again) with Jason Statham's Deckard Shaw.

It makes sense that such a film would enter production when we look at the box office success of The Fate of the Furious, and that spinoff is the film that we intend to discuss today. And, to help move that process along, we have put together a handy list of everything that you currently need to know about The Rock's Fast and Furious spinoff movie. We will endeavor to keep the guide as up to date as possible at all times, and we will keep you up to date with new details as they become available to us. Now, without further ado, let's dive into the details of this project and start figuring out what to expect from it.

Is The Rock's Fast And Furious Spinoff Happening?

Right off the bat, we need to address the most important and fundamental question about this project: is a Fast and Furious spinoff focusing on Luke Hobbs even really happening? The straight answer is yes. After years of fan speculation abut the possibility of Dwayne Johnson finally getting a chance to front his own installment in the Fast and Furious series, it was officially announced earlier in 2017 that the project would become a reality. Hobbs and Shaw is happening folks, so make sure to throw on a tank top, drink some protein, and load the biggest gun you can find.

When Is The Rock's Fast And Furious Spinoff Release Date?

The Fast and Furious spinoff is gearing up to hit theaters a lot sooner than some people may have previously assumed. In fact, Fast and Furious 9 was actually pushed back (to the chagrin of Tyrese Gibson) to make room for Hobbs and Shaw earlier on the Universal schedule -- which could mean that the folks at Universal have a lot of faith in the idea that they have been cooking. As of right now, The Rock's Fast and Furious spinoff movie is currently slated to debut in theaters on July 26, 2019. We still have quite some time to wait until the film finally debuts, but considering how recently it was announced, this is a pretty quick turnaround for a potential summer blockbuster of this scope.

What Is The Rock's Fast And Furious Spinoff Rating?

At this stage of the game, there is no reason not to assume that Hobbs and Shaw will not receive a PG-13 rating like all of the other entries in the franchise. The Fast films are primarily built on a foundation of broad appeal, and getting a large crowd into the theater is the key to success. R-ratings may have helped Deadpool become a box office powerhouse and allowed Logan to become a potential awards contender, but PG-13 is what Fast and Furious currently calls home. Is it impossible that someone behind the scenes may decide to go all in and let the Fast and Furious movie get a restrictive rating? Not necessarily, but PG-13 just seems like the safer bet at this stage of the film's development.

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