Shaft Director Tim Story Wants To Bring Everyone Back For A Sequel

Shaft JJ, John II, and John walking across the street in matching dusters

The Shaft franchise has given the world more than the original 1971 that kicked off Richard Roundtree’s career as a bad ass, as well as the Blaxploitation movement’s first big success. In total, the franchise has seen four sequels, including both the 2000 and 2019 reboots of the series. So sequelizing this particular bad mother is something that Hollywood can dig, and has dug for almost 50 years.

Should director Tim Story’s turn in the chair with this week’s Shaft turn out to be another successful entry in this historic series, he’s definitely got some ideas that can be worked into a potential sequel. And one big idea, that CinemaBlend learned while talking to Story during the film’s press day, was this pitch for a truly family affair:

I’d bring everybody back. I think, what was great at the end of this movie was you saw family come together. And when you see that, I don’t see how you could do anything different than bring everybody back, and let everybody have a gun, and, you know, let the Shafts happen.

With Richard Roundtree’s John Shaft, Samuel L. Jackson’s second generation John, and Jessie T. Usher’s J.J. all part of the action by the third act of Shaft, we get to see three generations of action kick into high gear. We also see them flashing identical outfits, walking across a street in New York City and even stopping traffic with their attractive jaywalking.

While the film leaves the obvious opening for the return of all the Shaft family members present and accounted for, that doesn’t necessarily mean that a potential Shaft sequel would have naturally followed the path of bringing everyone back. If new writers are brought on board and/or Tim Story doesn’t reprise his role as the franchise’s latest director, there’s a chance a possible Shaft 2 may still not go that route.

Which is why it’s important for this weekend’s entry into the franchise does well, as Tim Story’s idea to bring back John, John II, and J.J. sounds like the best way to keep things going. Even better, with the idea of family coming together present in Shaft, the sequel would be wise to have all of the main cast returning, as it would give Regina Hall’s Maya and Alexandra Shipp’s Sasha a chance to get in on the action as well.

It’s already known that both Hall and Shipp would love to jump back into the franchise, as during our talk with them during the Shaft press day, both expressed their interest in getting to partake in the action. So a potential follow-up might just have the machine guns and glitter grenades that the women of the Shaft franchise want to inflict upon anyone who steps up against them and those they care for.

Most of all, the enthusiasm that Tim Story shares for telling this kind of Shaft story in a franchise that’s already started to change itself into the vessel to do so, is too good to pass up. Be sure to watch Story talk about why he feels this is the best path for a sequel, courtesy of the footage from our sit down, below:

Shaft movies have made huge strides towards not only modernizing the action that represents a hallmark of the franchise’s history, but they also have become a more inclusive experience for a new generation. To continue down this path of expanding the family, and letting the Shafts be themselves, is a sure fire way of honoring the spirit of the past, while proceeding in the name of the future.

Again, we’ll have to see what happens with Shaft’s opening this weekend, before any sorts of speculation can truly be had. You can catch the film for yourself, starting with early showings scheduled for tonight. However, if you’ve already bought tickets for this weekend, then you can always head over to our 2019 release schedule, and see what else is on the horizon to take your hard earned ticket money.

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