Samuel L. Jackson Still Really Wants To Play Star Wars’ Mace Windu Again

Samuel L. Jackson as Mace Windu in Star Wars: The Revenge of the Sith

Samuel L. Jackson has played some pretty iconic roles in his career, but for Star Wars fans, Jackson will always be Jedi Master Mace Windu. Jackson himself also clearly loved playing the role, as he says it's the one role that he hasn't gone back to that he would most like to take another shot at. In a recent appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Jackson said...

I'd really love to give one more run at Mace Windu in Star Wars.

Samuel L. Jackson is no stranger to sequels. He's played Nick Fury 10 different times in Marvel Cinematic Universe movies and this year he appeared in Glass, the sequel to Unbreakable, and the new Shaft opens today. However, when Colbert asked him which character he'd like to return to, he answered pretty quickly that he'd like to be Mace Windu again.

Samuel L. Jackson has never hidden his desire to return to the Star Wars franchise. He's argued from the beginning, and he does here as well, that Mace Windu having survived his injury and fall in Star Wars: The Revenge of the Sith, would be no big deal considering the sorts of things that other Jedi survive within the franchise.

On the one hand, the fact that we're seeing a lot more Star Wars movies coming, it would appear the possibility for Mace Windu returning would be reasonably high. At the same time, it seems clear that Lucasfilm is not planning to produce Star Wars movies with the same frequency of Marvel. This means that unless the next Star Wars movie after The Rise of Skywalker is going to include Mace Windu, it will be quite a while before any future Star Wars project could.

Of course, the nice thing about the modern media landscape is that there are actually more options for the future of Mace Windu, as well as every other character, than simply the big screen. Two live-action series Star Wars series have been announced for the Disney+ streaming service and Bob Iger has said that a third series announcement is likely. What if we got a limited series about Mace Windu?

The longer form of storytelling would really let Samuel L. Jackson dive deep into the character, which is likely what he's looking for. As much as fans enjoyed the character, we never really got to know him. Considering how well we know Samuel L. Jackson can be de-aged, thanks to Captain Marvel, we could even see a future Mace Windu series or movie that acts as a prequel and takes place prior to the events of The Phantom Menace.

Mace Windu may be best known for his purple lightsaber, but certainly there are fans that would love to see that purple lightsaber once again. Where did it come from? Why does he wield the color that so few other have ever used? Star Wars fans want answers.

Dirk Libbey
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