Zachary Levi Reveals When Shazam! 2 Plans To Start Filming

Shazam Zachary Levi points in costume DC Warner Bros.

Zachary Levi is living his best life right now. Shazam! wasn't an Aquaman-sized hit for DC, but it was very warmly received by just about everyone, and put the Chuck star on the map as the next beloved superhero. Levi is hosting the 2019 MTV Movie & TV Awards Monday night, and while talking up that event, he dropped some teases on Shazam! 2.

According to Zachary Levi, writing the Shazam! sequel has already started and he expects the team to start filming in either late spring or early summer 2020. So this time next year, Levi expects to be back in that expensive costume alongside his co-stars.

That's the scoop from Zachary Levi to the AP. We already knew Shazam! 2 was thinking of moving forward quickly, in part because there are young actors in the main cast, and kids tend to grow up fast. Producer Peter Safran even joked that the kids may start looking as old as Levi soon.

It was already revealed in April 2019, shortly after the first movie opened, that Shazam! screenwriter Henry Gayden had been hired to write the sequel. Director David F. Sandberg was also expected to return. It sounds like just about all of the major players could return, since even some supporting stars signed five-picture deals with Warner Bros.

Last month, Zachary Levi didn't sound sure about where his Shazam would be going after the first movie -- or at least he tried to play coy. Considering the script for the sequel isn't finished yet, he may still be mostly in the dark.

However, the first Shazam! movie gave fans some clues on where Shazam! 2 could go next, following Dr. Sivana, Mister Mind, and this cool comic storyline.

Don't forget about Black Adam, though -- not that The Rock is likely to let you.

Just recently in June, it was announced that Dwayne Johnson would be reteaming with his Jungle Cruise director Jaume Collet-Serra for The Rock's own Black Adam movie. Johnson previously said Black Adam was planning to start filming in the first half of 2020. Johnson was a producer on Shazam!, so he's already part of this team. It's not clear, though, whether Shazam! 2 and Black Adam will overlap filming, or if one will change schedules, or what.

We'll have to stay tuned for updates on both Shazam-related projects. This time next year, we should be seeing some photos from one set or another, considering that's definitely the way Dwayne Johnson rolls.

For now, check out Zachary Levi as host of the MTV Movie & TV Awards this Monday, June 17 at 9 p.m. on MTV. And keep up with everything heading to the big screen this year with our handy 2019 movie release schedule.

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