Spider-Man: Far From Home Might Have Spoiled The Twist We All Saw Coming

Jake Gyllenhaal and Tom Holland in Spider-Man: Far From Home

With Spider-Man: Far From Home just two weeks away from release, the film’s marketing has gone into full swing. Billboards have been popping up just about everywhere and one in particular has our Spidey senses tingling about Jake Gylenhaal’s Mysterio true motives. Check it out:

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Marvel Studios’ Head of Visual Development, Ryan Meinerding, showed off a set of two posters he designed that looks to show Mysterio shooting blasts in Spider-Man’s direction as the Web-Slinger dodges them. So what’s the deal? Will Far From Home’s Mysterio be the sworn enemy comic book fans know or the friendlier partner to Spider-Man set up in the movie’s trailers?

According to Tom Holland, Peter Parker and Quentin Beck (a.k.a. Mysterio) become best friends in Far From Home. He’s not the same villain found on the pages of the comics, he’s an alternative Beck from a different Earth in the Multiverse, which was opened when Thanos’ snap created a tear in the dimension.

Spidey will team up with Mysterio at the orders of Nick Fury to defeat a threat known as the Elementals while on vacation in Europe. This billboard tells a bit of a different story. It seems to vaguely set up the two super-powered individuals as adversaries. It could hint the twist fans have been speculating all along: that Mysterio will turn out to be Far From Home’s main villain after all.

Contrary to what the trailers tell us, it would be surprising to see Mysterio’s first go at the big screen not include his infamously sinister mind at work. The comic book villain is one of Spider-Man’s oldest and most formidable foes. Mysterio is also known to create illusions, use hallucinogens and wield special gadgets to confuse and mess with Spider-Man’s head.

So just because Far From Home tells us Mysterio is a good guy doesn’t mean it’s the truth. This Mysterio already looks to be more powerful then the master of illusion in the comics. Beck looks to be a legitimate spell-caster with powers similar to the mystic arts introduced in Doctor Strange, although again, this could all just be trickery.

Knowing this, maybe Jake Gyllenhaal’s character can go to greater lengths to fool Spider-Man. Peter already looks to be distracted over his grief for Tony Stark and desires to spark a romance with Zendaya’s MJ during his vacation. Or, maybe this poster is strategically making us question Mysterio, who is exactly who he says he is and firing at a threat out of the frame, but toward Spidey’s direction.

We’ll soon find out Mysterio’s true colors when Spider-Man: Far From Home hits theaters on July 2. What do you think? Is Mysterio an ally or adversary? Let us know in the comments below!

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