People Are Raving About Spider-Man Far From Home's Post-Credits Scenes

Tom Holland as Spider-Man in Far From Home

While we all go into Marvel Cinematic Universe movies wondering what the film has in store for us, the other question that we're all also wondering is, what's going to happen next? We usually get a tease of the future of the MCU in the form of extra scenes added to the middle or end of the credits, and not only does Spider-Man: Far From Home have such scenes, based on the way people are talking, those scenes are going to be huge.

The first social media reactions to Spider-Man: Far From Home dropped this week and while most everybody had good things to say about the film, a lot of curiosity, and a lot of praise, surrounded the post-credits scenes. As our own Sean O'Connell put it...

A lot of people have asked. Yes, there are two Spider-Man: Far From Home end-credits sequences. They are VERY important. First one, without hyperbole, made me RIDICULOUSLY excited for the future of Spider-Man in the MCU. AVOID SPOILERS and EXPERIENCE IT fresh, at all cost. Excelsior!

Obviously, everybody who has seen the movie is trying to avoid spoilers, so we have zero details about what the scene or scenes that we're getting will be all about. But based on the reactions, it sounds like they will very much set the stage for whatever is to come in the MCU. Inverse says the scenes are going to have fans talking about them not just after the movie is over, but for a long time afterward.

[T]he post-credits scenes in Spider-Man Far From Home are some of the most ambitious since the first avengers movie. MCU fans will be talking about these scenes for years

While the scenes are clearly a big deal for the entire MCU, JoBlo says that the scenes are really going to resonate specifically with Spider-Man fans.

SPIDER-MAN fans will lose their minds during one of the post-credits scenes. Not gonna say anything more, but it's just... so right.

There are, of course, a few different theories one could surmise based on what we do know about Spider-Man: Far From Home. The trailers have told us that the movie will deal with Marvel's multiverse and the movie's director has seemingly confirmed this isn't all part of a Mysterio trick. This certainly opens up a lot of potential storytelling opportunities for the MCU going forward, so a post-credits scene that gives us a glimpse of one of these other universes could certainly set things up going forward.

Of course, Spider-Man: Far From Home isn't even the first Spider-Man movie to set up the multiverse concept. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse did it first, and that opens up an entirely new set of possibilities. Could we see Far From Home just takes place in another universe adjacent to the ones we saw in the animated film? Could we see other Spider-Man franchises produced by Sony, officially made part of the multiverse, and by extension the MCU? Something like that would certainly make Spider-Man fans lose their minds.

Fans will certainly be excited to check out Spider-Man: Far From Home when it debuts in a couple of weeks.

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