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The Big Spider-Man Trailer Scene That’s Not In The Movie (And Why It Was Cut)

Tom Holland is Spider-Man in Far From Home

We will be getting into spoilers for Spider-Man: Far From Home in this story, so stop reading now if you haven’t yet seen the movie.

Marketing for blockbusters can be a challenge. Marvel Studios, in particular, likes to put in shots or scenes that make no sense out of context. Sometimes that include sequences that don’t even make it into the final version of the film, as when Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) was seen running alongside the Avengers in the early Avengers: Infinity War trailers.

In fact, there’s a scene that has been prominent in the marketing for Spider-Man: Far From Home, and oddly, nothing like it is in the final film at all. It’s the scene featuring Peter Parker wearing the Iron Spider suit as he takes down a gang of armed criminals in what looks like a Mafioso restaurant. The scene highlights basically every trailer that Sony and Marvel released for Far From Home, but it is cut from the movie.

When we interviewed Tom Holland in London for the Spider-Man: Far From Home junket, we asked him why, and he explained:

Tom Holland’s explanation illustrates how many moving parts are in play for a tentpole feature of this size. The fight in the restaurant isn’t unfinished effects. The Iron Spider suit is mostly CGI, so this was done, and ready to be included in the film.

As is often the case, a director doesn’t know exactly what he or she has until the movie has gone through the editing process, and Jon Watts felt that Spider-Man: Far From Home was taking too long to get to its European destination and that the action beat could be sacrificed.

Tom Holland notes there were scenes of Peter running errands, and there's another scene that was in the early trailer showing Peter picking up his passport. So, a bunch of this was filmed, then dropped. Release the Watts cut!! I’m joking.

Tom Holland’s other point is that the rest of the action scenes in Spider-Man: Far From Home hold up, and the Iron Spider fight scene became unnecessary. I have to agree, as the action in Far From Home is what elevates this movie ahead of Spider-Man: Homecoming for me. Both, combined, are a high point for Spidey and the MCU. But the battles against Mysterio offer some of the greatest Spider-Man action I’ve seen on-screen to date. Do you agree?

At this point, Spider-Man: Far From Home is open, and ready to be screened. What are you waiting for? Head to the theater and see the latest adventure starring everyone’s favorite wallcrawler! It’s the last Marvel movie we’ll have in theaters until May 2020, so enjoy.

Sean O'Connell
Sean O'Connell

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