Are There Other Shaw Family Members Who Could Get A Fast And Furious Spinoff?

Hobbs and Shaw Queenie talks on the prison phone in her red jumpsuit

Much as the world of the Fast & Furious family grew with every new film, the world of Hobbs & Shaw seems to be into the idea of expansion itself. With the families of both protagonists getting a little bigger in this weekend’s big would-be blockbuster, there’s no telling who could show up in the potential future of these films.

Armed with that very believe, and on behalf of CinemaBlend during the London press junket for Hobbs & Shaw, I asked all three members of the Shaw family present that day if they thought their cinematic family would get any bigger in further installments. Their answers are spectacular, and can be seen below in all of their glory:

Now let’s start with Jason Statham’s response, because if there was anyone that we’d have expected to pop up alongside Deckard Shaw, besides Vanessa Kirby’s Hattie, it would have been Owen Shaw. Luke Evans’ former baddie-turned-good guy was the reason the Shaw family got mixed up with the Torretto crew of Fast & Furious fame in the first place, and after his reappearance in The Fate of the Furious, he’d have been a slam dunk to bring back.

Alas, that was not to be in Hobbs & Shaw, which means that either Owen is getting into trouble of his own or maybe he’s keeping the Shaw family rooted in the world of the Fast & Furious, waiting for both series to potentially cross paths in their shared universe. However, as far as new members to the Shaw family, Statham’s suggestion of bringing in the Shaw family patriarch would be an interesting addition.

In that same vein, Ms. Kirby also had a really good suggestion of how the Shaw women could form a girl gang of their own. And in hinting at that possibility, the Mission: Impossible – Fallout star mentioned that she’s best friends with Elizabeth Debecki of Widows and The Man From U.N.C.L.E fame, who could very easily come on board as her sister. Something that would not only please audiences and make for an interesting concept for a Hobbs & Shaw follow-up, but would also undoubtedly please the cinematic matriarch of this family, Helen Mirren.

Though Dame Mirren did have her own suggestions as to who could pop up in the Shaw family tree, and it’s the most intriguing possibility as it would introduce a new force of evil into the family. Her suggestion was to bring in a character that would be reminiscent of an uncle she had in her family by marriage, who just happened to be an East End gangster himself.

Even better is Helen Mirren’s suggestions for casting this fictitious hooligan, as she said that either John Goodman or Simon Russell Beale would be great fits to flesh out her Uncle George. Measuring up all three of these possibilities together, it’s a good thing that Hobbs & Shaw lays down such a firm groundwork for the future of this corner of the Fast & Furious universe.

If there’s any fun to be had down the road with the Shaw family, you can be sure that there’s no shortage of relations that could be added into the canon. For now though, you can see Hobbs & Shaw opening the door to a new world of adventure in theaters this weekend.

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