An Iconic Disneyland Location Is Getting Its Own LEGO Set

Disneyland Railroad in LEGO

LEGO began production of the popular interlocking bricks in 1949. Six years later, Walt Disney opened Disneyland. Coincidence? Of course it is, but that hasn't changed the fact that both LEGO and Disneyland are incredibly popular and each has fans that could politely be described as "passionate."

As such, fans of both will likely be excited to learn that a new LEGO set was announced today that will allow fans to build one of the Disney theme park's most iconic locations, the Main Street U.S.A. Train Station, complete with functioning three car train.

This new set is no slouch in the size department. It's made up of nearly 3,000 bricks, but that's only the start of it. The train itself is actually motorized and can be controlled by your smart device via Bluetooth. This includes sound effects, so it will even sound like the real thing. Here's hoping it actually includes a complete recitation of the "Your Attention Please..." voice over to play every time it leaves the station.

The train station, which is a remarkable reproduction of the one at the front of Disneyland, has both a functioning interior as well as exterior. It also comes with LEGO minfigs of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Chip and Dale, and Goofy, and of course, there's room for all the figures on the train itself.

Disneyland LEGO Railroad interior

In addition to the passenger car and the locomotive, the Disneyland Railroad set also includes a parlor car, a nice nod to the Lilly Belle parlor car on the actual Disneyland Railroad. The car was named in honor of Walt Disney's wife Lillian and is not generally available for guests to ride, though it is used for special functions and occasionally a well timed guest can get on board if weather, crowds, and cast member staffing permit.

Sleeping Beauty's Castle from Disneyland also exists as a full LEGO set, but few of the theme park's other major buildings do. Any of the roller coasters or other popular attractions would likely make for a popular set that Disney and/or LEGO fans would buy. Perhaps, if this one sells well, we'll be able to build our own Main Street U.S.A. out of LEGO eventually.

We could see a LEGO Haunted Mansion before too long, as the concept received 10,000 votes from fans via the LEGO Ideas process where fans suggest future LEGO sets. LEGO is now reviewing the concept. Something like that could eventually lead to multiple LEGO sets, as every Haunted Mansion building is different around the world.

If you couldn't guess based on the size of the set, the Disneyland Railroad LEGO creation won't be cheap. It will retail for $329.99 when it releases September 1. LEGO VIP Members will have access to purchase beginning August 19.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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