How Much The Angry Birds Movie 2 Made Opening Night

Red with hatchlings in The Angry Birds Movie 2

The Angry Birds Movie 2 is currently the best reviewed movie ever to be based on a video game. That may not be the highest of praise, but it does put the film in a pretty good spot as it hits wide release today. Last night, the movie held its first general audience screenings and it brought in a solid $2.6 million for the night.

$2.6 million puts The Angry Birds Movie 2 in fifth place for Tuesday night. Hobbs & Shaw brought in $4.3 million and The Lion King was right behind that with $4.1 million in first and second place for the day.

Fifth place might seem like a rough spot for The Angry Birds Movie 2 to open, but the film was only in evening screenings while the other movies were available all day long.  Also, it was a Tuesday night, and while a couple major theater chains offer discounted tickets on Tuesdays, it's still not going to draw out massive crowds. The choice to open Angry Birds 2 on a Wednesday rather than the normal Friday was likely made because kids are heading back to school in a lot of places this week and the movie was hoping to grab them before they did. It will certainly give the movie a bit of extra time to make some cash, but the movie will certainly do better once Friday rolls around.

According to Deadline, The Angry Birds Movie 2 is projected to do something in the neighborhood of $16 million between now and the end of the weekend. That's a solid, if not a particularly impressive, number for this point in the year. The first Angry Birds movie had an opening weekend just short of $40 million, which does show a not insignificant decline.

Of course, when it comes to box office success it's all about profit, Angry Birds 2 cost a reported $65 million to produce, which is downright cheap for an animated film. The movie can make a fraction of what the first one did and still be a success.

Domestically it looks like, despite the solid reviews, the sequel won't do as well as the first movie. The original broke the $100 million mark domestically but the sequel is looking to come in well under that by the end of its run. Still, it's possible that the overwhelmingly positive reviews will get enough people to check the sequel out that it will exceed expectations. It is the widest new release of this weekend.

Clearly, the summer movie season is winding down. The rest of August is looking pretty slow. There may be some winners hidden in there, but nothing is likely to make the box office blow up until IT Chapter Two arrives in September. That movie is a sequel that is expected to meet or exceed the record-setting performance of the original.

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