George Miller’s Justice League: Adam Brody Says Losing It Still ‘Hurts,’ Knows It Would Have Been A ‘Classic’

Adam Brody in Shazam!

There are countless movies over the years that have become legendary due to the fact that they will never exist. High profile films don't always work out and one of the bigger projects to get the plug pulled over the years was Justice League: Mortal, a superhero team up movie that would have been directed by George Miller.

Adam Brody was tapped to play The Flash in that movie, and he laments greatly that the movie never happened, because everything about it was perfect. From the cast to the script, Brody tells Yahoo everything about the project was solid...

The script was really good. It's not that it was revolutionary, and I'm pretty objective about this kind of thing, and I think I have a pretty good gauge of scripts. It was very solid. I thought the casting was right. Not just me, but everyone, tonally, was going to fit right. I was so excited to work with George Miller, because he was a legend, and he was very nice.

What wasn't solid, however, was the behind-the-scenes situation. The movie was in pre-production during the 2007-2008 Writer's Guild Strike which meant that, while the script might have been solid, even the slightest changes could not be dealt with. That, combined with other financial considerations, led to the plug being pulled.

For his part, Adam Brody says that, at the time, the movie falling apart didn't bother him all that much. It wasn't until 2015 when he saw George Miller direct Mad Max: Fury Road, that he realized just what a great movie Justice League: Mortal would have actually been...

At the same time, nobody — I didn't have any idea, I bet Warner Bros. didn't have any idea — what a fucking badass he still was. … Then you see Mad Max: Fury Road and you're like, 'Oh my God, he's as fresh as anyone. He's ahead of the curve. So in hindsight it hurts more, actually. Like, that would've been a classic movie, after seeing what he did and knowing the script, and knowing the actors involved, I think it would have been amazing.

It's difficult to argue with Adam Brody's analysis here. A Justice League movie directed by George Miller seems like it was absolutely going to be something special. Considering that the Justice League movie we got was generally viewed (regardless of whether or not there's a "better" version out there somewhere) to be something of a disappointment, and the wish to see this one only grows.

Adam Brody laments that, while he continued to find steady work, nothing the size of Justice League: Mortal came along after that. However, he's now back in the superhero game, having appeared at the end of Shazam! as the super powered alter ego of Freddy Freeman. He will certainly be a larger force in the planned sequel, which will likely be coming sooner rather than later.

Dirk Libbey
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