The Funny Reason Why Ryan Reynolds Refused To Drive His Hobbs And Shaw Car

Shaw and Hobbs in Hobbs and Shaw

SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains minor spoilers for Hobbs & Shaw. If you have not yet seen the film, read on at your own risk!

Movie-goers love a good cameo, and this was a department in which David Leitch's Hobbs & Shaw excels. It's not more than a few minutes into the blockbuster that Ryan Reynolds shows up in a suprise role - and it actually turns out to be a fairly important part given that he's the one who gives Dwayne Johnson's Luke Hobbs. It's a great little bit, but now we have learned not only that Reynolds' role could have potentially been bigger, but could have included a pretty sweet ride.

Apparently the reason it didn't happen, though, is because the Canadian actor didn't fall in love with the design of the car.

This little bit of behind-the-scenes trivia (and it's entirely possible that he's joking), comes to us directly from Dwayne Johnson's Twitter feed. It started when Ryan Reynolds followed-up to a response that Johnson gave to one of his fans, posting a picture of a classic red and white Chevy Camaro with Luke Hobbs' face on it. This prompted another comment from Johnson, who revealed the origin of the vehicle:

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Did Ryan Reynolds really not love the white stripes, or was he perhaps not enamored with the giant face on the hood? It's possible that he was just sparing the feelings of his massic, muscular, A-lister friend, but that's a truth that lies only with the Deadpool star.

It is worth noting that it would actually make all kinds of sense that Ryan Reynolds' Hobbs & Shaw character would drive the car in question here. Agent Locke is a skilled and talented agent, but he is also totally obsessed with Hobbs - to the extent that he actually got a matching shoulder tattoo. The reveal that he also drives a car with his wannabe best friend's visage on the front would have been an interesting escalation of that joke.

Furthermore, the possibility of us one day seeing this car in the future of the Fast & Furious franchise isn't totally off the table. As we learned from our HeroBlend interview with David Leitch, part of the impetus for the cameos by Ryan Reynolds, Rob Delaney, and Kevin Hart in Hobbs & Shaw is opening the door for them to have even more significant roles in a sequel (which will almost surely happen now that the hit is coming up on making $450 million globally). Could the Hobbs Camaro possibly resurface - perhaps without the white stripes - in Hobbs & Shaw 2? We'll have to just wait and see.

For now, the first Hobbs & Shaw continues to perform well at the box office, and is playing in theaters nationwide. To get a glimpse at what else is ahead on the big screen for the rest of the year, be sure to check out our 2019 Movie Release Calendar.

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