Disney+’s Lady And The Tramp Trailer Brings The Classic Love Story To Live Action

Title dogs in live action Lady and the Tramp

Until now, all of Disney’s live action remakes have, obviously, been big screen offerings, but with the launch of Disney+ in November, the streaming service will be another platform to provide these kinds of stories. The first of the bunch will be Lady and the Tramp, based on the same-named 1955 animated movie, and following the release of the poster showing the title dogs in the classic spaghetti scene, we finally have the first trailer. Check it out!

For those of you who were wondering if Disney+’s take on Lady and the Tramp would be moved to a modern day setting, that won’t be the case. Just like its predecessor, it will take place sometime in the late 1900s-early 1910s. So as you would expect, just like Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King and others, this new Lady and the Tramp is a relatively faithful adaptation, as opposed to a drastic re-imagining like Maleficent.

For those unfamiliar with Lady and the Tramp’s story, it follows an American cocker spaniel named Lady who is raised in an upper middle-class family, living the life of luxury. However, once she meets a street-smart Schnauzer mix named Tramp, a whole new world is opened up for her and they go on a variety of romantic adventures together.

So naturally, like The Lion King, you’ll be seeing plenty of talking animals in Lady and the Tramp, although the animal’s faces emoting come across as more cartoonish than it does in Jon Favreau’s latest movie. In any case, like the original Lady and the Tramp, the remake looks like it’ll be a touching, feel-good tale for the whole family, as one would expect.

As for who’s making up the Lady and the Tramp cast, let’s divided that into two groups. First, the animals. Tessa Thompson and Justin Theroux are voicing the eponymous protagonists, and they’re accompanied by Sam Elliot as Trusty the Bloodhound, Ashley Jensen as Jock the Scottish Terrier (a male character in the original), Benedict Wong as Bull the Bulldog and Janelle Monáe as Peg the Pekingese.

Moving over to the human characters, Kiersey Clemons and Thomas Mann are playing Darling and Jim Dear, Lady’s owners, while the supporting cast includes Yvette Nicole Brown as Aunt Sarah, Adrian Martinez as Elliot the dog-catcher and Arturo Castro as Marco, along with F. Murray Abraham and Ken Jeong in undisclosed roles.

Behind the camera, Tron: Uprising’s Charlie Bean directed and Support the Girls’ Andrew Bujalski wrote the script. In addition to her acting role, Janelle Monáe will also perform three new songs for Lady and the Tramp, including the one that’s replacing “The Siamese Cat Song” from the original.

Lady and the Tramp drops on Disney+ November 12, so stay tuned to CinemaBlend for more coverage on that movie and everything else that will be on the streaming service. For those of you who curious about what else there is to look forward to on the big screen this year, look through our 2019 release schedule for that information.

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