See Disney’s Lady And The Tramp’s Adorable Real Life Puppies

Lady and The Tramp eating spaghetti together at Tony's.

Live-action remakes have taken Disney to some pretty high heights at the box office this year, what with Aladdin and The Lion King ringing in pretty impressive results during 2019’s summer box office season. Now, with one more revamp of a classic Disney film to be released into the market, it’s Disney+’s turn to get in on the hype with their Lady and The Tramp re-do.

While there have been glances of the titular pair in their live-action forms, the latest and best look of the two together has landed. You can see it for yourself, courtesy of the newly released photo below.

Lady and The Tramp (2019) the dogs sitting next to each other on the roof

With Tessa Thompson voicing Lady and Justin Theroux providing the vocals for The Tramp, Disney+’s Lady and The Tramp has a pretty impressive pair to give life to these gorgeous dogs. What’s even more impressive is the fact that the entire cast of dogs in this new live-action refresh is made up of rescue dogs, all of whom were adopted once the film had wrapped.

That’s certainly a beautiful bit of knowledge to go into Lady and The Tramp with, as the film is starting its marketing run leading up to its debut alongside the Star Wars original series The Mandalorian, and every other offering that Disney+ will have on hand once it rolls into the homes of eager Disney fans in mid-November. It’s the subject of discussion in the latest issue of Disney’s official fan club magazine, D23.

As the studio is gearing up for this month’s D23 Expo, which takes place during August 23 – 25th in Anaheim, California, one of the big talking points of that upcoming convention is bound to be everything and anything that will show up on the streaming services. It wouldn’t be that big of a surprise if Disney decided to screen the entirety of Lady and The Tramp at the expo, to entice people to talk up subscriptions among their friends not at the con, but so far no word has been given as to whether or not that is a possibility.

Right now, all we have are two gorgeous rescue dogs, just waiting to entertain the world in a retelling of one of Disney’s classic animated love stories. But a trailer certainly feels like it would be on the horizon as well, as the company will undoubtedly be looking to plug those Dark Phoenix losses from their most recent quarter with some sweet, sweet Disney+ subscription fees.

Not to mention, should Lady and The Tramp be a mega hit on its first day of release, there’s a chance that Disney will want to release those metrics to the public. Tangible evidence that their services is potentially outdoing Netflix is worth quite a bit for a service as ambitious as Disney+.

Ambition doesn't matter if the dogs of Lady and The Tramp aren’t spectacularly cute, and thankfully both titular dogs fit the bill to a tee. With doubts of how the animals would look out of the audience’s mind, it’s now time to see how well the film’s re-written story does when it comes to bringing this Disney classic into the modern age.

Fingers crossed that Disney doesn’t find Lady and The Tramp unimpressive, as the film is supposed to debut once Disney+ opens its doors on November 12th.

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