Disney’s Lady And The Tramp Poster Features The Famous Spaghetti Scene

Lady and the tramp spaghetti and meatballs screenshot

After months and months of hearing that Disney’s family-oriented streaming service would be dropping later in 2019, we finally have some dates for Disney+ as well as big projects like Lady and the Tramp, the live-action remake that is heading to the service early in its run. As it turns out, Lady and the Tramp will be dropping November 12 – the same day Disney+ drops. Giving marketing should now start ramping up, we finally have the first poster for the movie as well.

Generally, posters for films are often cool but perhaps not worth writing a full piece on. However, in the case of the new Lady and the Tramp poster, the first look hearkens back to the original animated movie. You know the scene I’m talking about, when Lady “Pidge” and Tramp go on a spaghetti dinner date and end with an accidental kiss due to sharing the same spaghetti strand. Take a look.

disney's full lady and the tramp spaghetti poster

Honestly, while we don’t get a look at the two dogs actually sharing the plate of spaghetti, you can see their connection in their gazes at one another. The scene in question is one of the most iconic in animated movie history and definitely has kept Lady and the Tramp memorable in popular culture more than it may have stuck otherwise.

The poster is also notable because it gives us a good look at Tramp and Lady, who will actually be played by real life dogs in the film. Playing the role of Tramp is a shelter dog named Monte and Lady will be played by a cocker spaniel named Rose. It should feel starkly different than The Lion King, which, while a live-action project, was really just a whole lot of CGI. (At least, except for the one real shot.)

The live action Disney remakes have sort of run the gamut. Some of them are very close to the source material while others have strayed from the original animated films. We’ll have to wait and see how Lady and the Tramp pans out, but at least we know the most iconic scene from the movie will be included in some fashion, thanks to this poster tease.

If you’d like another look at the two former shelter pups, D23 has obliged in a recent issue, giving us a close-up look at the live-action stars of the new film.

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It’s still not clear how Disney+ will push out the marketing for its big releases, although The Mandalorian’s trailer promos and more at D23 may give us a guide.

Disney+ has already made it clear (opens in new tab) the service will be offered on the cheaper side, and there will even be a bundle with ESPN+ and Hulu+ for families. If that still isn’t enough to entice you (it won’t be the commercial-free version of Hulu after all), you can take a full look at the offerings coming to the new streaming service this winter.

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