Fast and Furious 9 Is Halfway Through Production And Vin Diesel Promises 'Intense Scene' With John Cena

Vin Diesel and Paul Walker

The Fast and the Furious series ranks as one of the most popular action franchises in the world. Packed with impossible stunts, ludicrous schemes, and enough corny humor to make even the most discerning viewers chuckle, the 8-movie series has defied expectations and become a mega-hit. The overall quality took a serious (and surprising) upward turn when Fast Five hit theaters in 2011, and it's only gotten better from there.

Now that the franchise's first spin-off Hobbs and Shawhas been released, the next movie in the core franchise, Fast and Furious 9, is starting to pop up on more radars. Series star Vin Diesel has started posting about the film on social media, it's safe to say that hype for the film has officially been kicked into high gear. Color us excited. Very excited.

Vin Diesel posted a video to his Instagram account, teasing an “intense scene” with co-star John Cena, who is set to play a rather large role in the film. Charlize Theron will return as the villainous Cipher, and Helen Mirren will once a gain play Magdalene Shaw. Michael Rooker portrays a newcomer named Buddy, and Finn Cole, Sam Lerner, and Anna Sawai have been cast in unknown roles. The rest of the main cast (except for Dwayne Johnson) will also return. No Dwayne Johnson? Are you kidding me? The guy steals the show every time.

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It has become very common for celebrities to use social media to reveal behind-the-scenes photos so that publicity is increased and anticipation is heightened. It's a solid tactic that has worked time and again, so why stop now?

John Cena's role remains a mystery, but we're assuming it will involve lots of baddie (or goodie) bashing. I'm betting he is one of Cipher's minions. But who knows at this point? Either way, this installment will undoubtedly try to top every previous entry (much like the Mission Impossible series did with Ghost Protocol, Rogue Nation, and last year's Fallout).

As franchise tradition dictates, each successive installment has been bigger, louder, and more ridiculous than the last, and that's part of the appeal. Audiences want to see what else the franchise can do to wow and surprise them because it seems like everything has already been done. Hopefully, this film doesn't disappoint, and stands up to the most recent additions.

What do you think? Are you excited for the next Fast and the Furious installment? Or do you feel the franchise's quality is dipping again after the middling Fate of the Furious? Let us know in the comments below! And, while you wait to see what's next for Dominic Toretto and the gang, check out what's slated for release later this year.

Fast and Furious 9 hits theaters on April 10, 2020. Get ready.