Samara Weaving Tried To Hide Her Harry Potter Tattoo From Daniel Radcliffe

Samara Weaving in Ready or Not

In this summer’s underseen horror flick Ready or Not, Samara Weaving had to hide from her in-laws in a deadly game of hide and seek. While making her new movie Guns Akimbo, the actress was also trying to conceal something, out of fear not of bodily harm, but embarrassment. Samara Weaving tried (and failed) to hide her Harry Potter tattoo from co-star Daniel Radcliffe. Take a look:

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Samara Weaving is obviously a big Harry Potter fan if she got a symbol of that fandom, in this case the sign of the Deathly Hallows, tattooed permanently on her body. What she probably didn’t know at the time though was that she would someday be working opposite Harry Potter himself Daniel Radcliffe in a feature film. So when that became the case in Guns Akimbo, she had to improvise and try to hide her tattoo.

You don’t wear a band’s t-shirt to hang out with them, and you don’t rock Gryffindor attire when working with Daniel Radcliffe-- lest you come off as an obsessed fan in a way that is decidedly uncool. Unfortunately, for Samara Weaving, a tattoo isn’t as easy to change as a t-shirt. So, to prevent the embarrassment that would come from Daniel Radcliffe seeing the leg tattoo that marked her as a die-hard Potterhead, Samara Weaving wore really long socks.

That tactic apparently worked for a time, but as she told MTV News, she basically got lulled into a false sense of security by Daniel Radcliffe’s kindness and chivalry. So she let her guard down, forgot her wardrobe diligence and failed to wear long socks that covered her tattoo. And just like Polyjuice Potion wearing off, Daniel Radcliffe got to see Samara Weaving as she really was.

Daniel Radcliffe proved that Samara Weaving’s trust was not misplaced and although he noticed and asked about the tattoo, he didn’t make it into a thing. He wasn’t bothered by it or freaked out by Samara Weaving’s Harry Potter fandom and like he said, a lot of people have Deathly Hallows tattoos.

One of them just happened to become and actress and wind up starring in a film opposite the actor best known for playing Harry Potter. And hey, it could have been worse, there are some fans with Daniel Radcliffe’s face tattooed on them, so at least she just had a basic Deathly Hallows symbol.

Although Samara Weaving was obviously nervous about Daniel Radcliffe seeing the tattoo to begin with, it must have been a huge relief for him to be so accepting. Also for her not to have to worry about wearing specific socks each day. Finding any clean and matching socks is generally a nightmare, making sure to wear specific length ones each day to cover a tattoo just sounds like a huge burden unless you've got Hermione around constantly knitting new pairs.

Daniel Radcliffe and Samara Weaving star opposite one another in writer-director Jason Lei Howden's action comedy Guns Akimbo, which recently premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. In the film, Radcliffe’s video game developer finds himself forced into an illegal, live-streamed death match, where he faces off with the contest’s fiercest competitor Nix, played by Samara Weaving. Guns Akimbo is for sale at TIFF and thus does not have a release date yet.

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