Watch Tiffany Haddish And Rose Byrne Battle Salma Hayek In First Like A Boss Trailer

It's hard to believe that it's only been two years since Tiffany Haddish had her breakout role in Girls Trip. Since then the comedian and actress has been taking Hollywood by storm and while we most recently saw her in the non-comedy The Kitchen, she she'll be back in another raucous comedy early next year, alongside Rose Byrne and Salma Hayek. Check out the first trailer for Like a Boss below.

Haddish and Byrne play Mia and Mel, two people who have been friends for years and have started their own cosmetics company. The pair seem happy, even apparently living together, but the store is in significant debt. However, things look up when cosmetics mogul Claire Luna (Salma Hayek) arrives and offers to invest in the company.

Of course, things won't be that easy, this is a movie after all.

If you're a fan of physical comedy, especially involving women, then Like a Boss looks like a solid time. The trailer opens with our main characters jumping off a roof together Tiffany Haddish has to struggle to keep from falling from the walkway of a tall building as does the classic "eating a hot pepper" gag. Rose Byrne is the one who gets the honor of punching Salma Hayek in the face.

Tiffany Hadish and Rose Byrne should be a solid pairing in a movie like this. Both have made similar movies in the past and shown how good they can be. The chemistry between them in Like a Boss looks solid, though it's always hard to tell those things with trailers.

The plot synopsis for [Like a Boss]( says that the new situation will put the friendship between the two lead characters in jeopardy, but we don't really see that in this trailer. While they're both uncomfortable doing things like firing workers, they're also united in their decision to take on their new boss.

It's actually the most surprising thing about the trailer. It's a story of two women who are friends who don't appear to have that friendship threatened by anything. There also doesn't appear to be a romance angle of any kind in the story. It's a nice thing to see.

That, and, of course, the fact that all three of Like a Boss' major roles are played by women. It's not that long ago that a movie like this would have had a hard time making it to the screen.

As it is, it's unfortunate the movie is dropping in January, a period that isn't always all that great for the box office. It doesn't mean the movie isn't going to be successful, a good movie will almost always find an audience, but it does give an indication of what the studio thinks of the film.

Like a Boss hits theaters January 10, 2020.

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