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It's not only that Greg Mottola's upcoming project Paul has an amazing cast, boasting Seth Rogen, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Bill Hader, Joe Lo Truglio and Kristen Wiig, among others. It's that the film, a road trip based around an alien, seems like complete departure from the director's other two films, the coming-of-age stories Superbad and Adventureland.

And Bill Hader, who plays one of the characters in the road trip adventure, says Mottola is inspired by a specific director as he changes his style-- Steven Spielberg. During an interview for Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs last week, Hader told me, "Greg has kind of changed up his whole style for that movie. it's like a early Spielberg movie. I don't think I was in a single shot where the camera wasn't moving, which isn't normal for Greg. Greg usually keeps the camera pretty still. But this movie is totally different."

And while there's an obvious tie-in with E.T. and Close Encounters, given the alien theme, Hader says there are other Spielberg inspirations in there as well. "Close Encounters, but a lot of Sugarland Express or Duel, there's a lot of car stuff in it. And E.T. obviously, all into one big thing. The tone of that. We'll shoot a scene and we'll watch it back on a monitor, and you can hear the John Williams music. It's cool."

We'll have more from Hader discussing his role in Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs tomorrow, and a little bit about the vibe of the upcoming season of Saturday Night Live.

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