Midsommar Is Hilariously Giving Away Couples Therapy Ahead Of Its Digital Release

Dani cries in Midsommar

Ari Aster's Midsommar was very much advertised as a sunny horror film featuring young people engaging in a terrifying seasonal ceremony — but it's also in many ways a romantic drama. There is a great deal of tension in the film that originates from the rocky relationship between Florence Pugh's Dani and Jack Reynor's Christian, and it winds up taking the plot in some surprising directions.

It is truly not a date movie, and going to see it with a significant other might actually magnify some issues you may secretly have - but Midsommar is here to help, not to harm. In aid of the greater good, the film is hilariously giving away three months of couples therapy in promotion of the upcoming home video release.

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As noted in a promo video by A24, there is recognition that there are some people out there who may have experienced some issues in their relationships after seeing Midsommar, but now they are happily giving three couples the chance to repair the damage with the help of a professional:

Midsommar has partnered with the online therapy website Talkspace for the unique promotion, and the way to enter is pretty straight forward. You simply need to find the above video on the movie's @MidsommarMovie Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages, and tag your significant other in the comments. It's not made clear when the winners will be selected, but presumably contact will be made via the social media used for submission.

This actually a pretty cool thing. Every year there are hundreds of film giveaways where people can win (some admittedly cool) movie swag, but Midsommar is potentially doing something really good here. Being seriously optimistic, it would be amazing if in 10 years we learned that a couple on the rocks managed to be saved by Ari Aster's vision of a Swedish pagan cult.

The follow up to Aster's acclaimed directorial debut Hereditary, the new film centers on a a young woman named Dani who experiences a devastating family tragedy, and in the aftermath reaches to her boyfriend, Christian, for support. What's unfortunate, though, is that Christian doesn't have the same feelings for her that he used to, and has been planning on going on a summer vacation with his friends (William Jackson Harper, Will Poulter, and Vilhelm Blomgren).

The situation winds up leading to Dani coming along on the trip - but it turns out to be anything but a trip to a snowy resort or relaxing beach.

For those of you who haven't yet seen the movie, or are aching to see it again, it's currently available for digital download, and it will be available on both Blu-ray and DVD starting October 8th. If you're hoping to see the Midsommar Director's Cut, you're unfortunately out of luck unless you have Apple TV.

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