Where You'll Be Able To Watch Midsommar's Director's Cut Streaming

Midsommar florence pugh in crown for Ari Aster's sophomore film

Midsommar is currently busy wrapping up its theatrical run, which means the next step is a home entertainment release. While a DVD, Digital and Blu-ray release is coming fairly soon, there will also be a Director’s Cut for the major fans of the horror flick and now we know where fans will be able to stream it.

Per a new notice on iTunes, Midsommar’s Director’s Cut will actually be a Digital exclusive to Apple TV. Apple also says the streaming set will come with some additional extras, noting:

Everything gets reborn: Your purchase of Midsommar comes with Ari Aster’s extended and unrated Director’s Cut, exclusive to Apple TV. Plus, go behind the scenes with the cast and creators of Midsommar in an exclusive featurette and watch the creation of Hälsingland in time-lapse footage of the elaborate and meticulous set construction.

If you are looking to see the Director’s Cut Ari Aster put together prior to its home release, you may be in luck. Ari Aster’s film actually got a big Labor Day weekend boost thanks to the Director’s Cut and added 632 theaters last weekend, so if that’s something you’re interested in seeing, now is the time to dive in. The re-release actually led to a 1,217.4% increase at the box office over the weekend, which is a huge percentage, although it's worth noting Midsommar was initially out on July 3, so it has been in theaters for a couple of months already and was in a much more limited release by the time it got this boost.

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Ari Aster mentioned earlier this summer that he was working on a Director’s Cut of Midsommar and the turnaround has been rather quick. In fact, the DVD, Blu-ray and Digital release will actually be coming out in.

If you’d prefer a hard copy of the set, that’s an option too. The movie from Lionsgate will hit DVD and Blu-ray on October 8. Previously announced extras for those sets include a “Bear in a Cage” promo and a “Let The Festivities Begin” featurette. The sets will retail for $39.99 and $29.95 respectively.

Midsommar has reportedly made a fairly solid return on its budget so far. Allegedly made for $8- $10 million, the movie has pulled in $35.5 million worldwide. So, no, it’s not competing with the likes of Hobbs & Shaw at the box office, but it doesn’t have to.

Midsommar is Ari Aster’s sophomore directorial debut, following Hereditary. The movie is one of several that have come back for secondary or extended releases in theaters as a way to make additional money for a film. (Some of these rereleases and new cuts have worked better than others.)

Midsommar can still be seen in theaters now. To see what else is coming before year's end, be sure to take a look at CinemaBlend's movies schedule or see what is heading to DVD, Blu-ray and Digital with our full guide.

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