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A Man Was Arrested For Having Sex With An Olaf Doll And Josh Gad Had A Funny Response

Olaf screaming in Frozen

While the original Frozen caused legions of young girls to fall in love with Anna and Elsa, there are just as many people who love Olaf the Snowman. Everybody loves Olaf. Some people apparently too much.

It seems that a 20-year-old man in, no surprise here, Florida, was recently arrested for having sex with an Olaf doll inside an area Target store. Josh Gad discovered the violation of his animated alter ego, and, all things considered, responded in a pretty funny, if also clearly disturbed way.

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This, as Josh Gad says on Twitter, is not the sort of warm hug that Olaf was likely looking for. Apparently the violator of an innocent snowman grabbed the stuffed toy off the shelf, put it on the ground, and then proceeded to have his way with the doll. with Olaf, and put the toy back on the shelf, then moved on to a stuffed unicorn and repeated the process before police arrived.

Apparently, the gentleman in question has something of a history with the police and has been dealt with for similar behavior in the past. Whether that just means he's been picked up for doing really unusual things, or actually has a history of cuddling Disney mascots in a very personal way, is not entirely clear.

Hopefully, this won't be an ongoing thing. With Frozen II set to come out next much there is sure to be a lot of Olaf related merchandise on the shelves and if this guy has a thing for the snowman, we could have a problem.

It's somehow a little more disconcerting because the character of Olaf from Frozen essentially has the mind of a child. Violating a plush toy in public is bad enough, but did it have to be Olaf?

Josh Gad gets bonus points for having the absolute best response possible to this. You can actually hear the statement made in the voice of Olaf, and with more than a little trepidation. It's both funny and slightly disturbed. Because the situation is one that is somehow both hilarious and terrifying.

It's pretty terrible that any actual people had to witness this. At the same time, I suppose that was a good thing. If that hadn't been the case then Olaf would have just gone back on the shelf and...I don't even want to finish that thought.

The alleged assailant was charged with criminal mischief and doing $200 in property damage. He apparently confessed to police to doing "stupid stuff," according to the Daily Star, which is, I suppose at least not an incorrect statement.

Yes, the two dolls were both "destroyed" by the store. Hopefully with cleansing fire.

Now, do your best to wipe this story from your memory so you don't start thinking about it in the middle of watching Frozen II in November.

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