New Frozen II Footage Includes Action And A Twister

Anna and Olaf in Frozen II

Frozen II is looking like it's going to be a smash hit out of the gates based on box office projections, which means that if you want to be one of the first to see the new film, you may want to pick up your tickets early. Like, now.

Frozen II tickets went on sale this week and along with the announcement came a brief trailer, that includes a fair amount of new footage in its single minute of run time. While it doesn't give us much insight into the story as a whole, it does reinforce the idea that Anna and Elsa's past is going to be written to some degree. Included in all that, is a new look at the film's giants, and our band of heroes getting caught up in a twister. Check it out.

The twister sequence is probably the most interesting. Anna, Elsa, Kristoff and Olaf appear to be inside the enchanted forest when the swirling winds come upon them and sweep everybody up into the air. Surely, this is part of whatever magic has kept this area closed off for so long, but who knows how they'll get out of this. We also get a cool sequence with giants throwing rocks at Anna and Kristoff, as they race away on the back of Sven.

This was all done as part of the announcement that pre-sales for Frozen II tickets have begun. Based on early estimates Frozen II is going to have an even better opening weekend than the original film did, and that's despite the fact that the movie is opening the weekend before Thanksgiving, rather than, as has been usual with Walt Disney Animation Studios films, the Thanksgiving weekend itself.

The trailer also uses the same music that the previous ones have. Although, this version of "Vuelie" a song from the original Frozen is much closer to the original than what we've heard in previous trailers. Hopefully this doesn't mean that the version from the other trailers isn't simply trailer music and it will be part of the official score, because it's an excellent rendition of the music.

Still, there's a clear epicness to the music that makes one feel like we're in for something quite huge when Frozen II arrives.

As far as the song's that will be part of Frozen II, the official soundtrack, which you can pre-order here, the listing has been released so we know the names of all the new songs, and some of them have even been released, though I for one will be doing my best to ignore them until I actually sit down to see Frozen II, songs from a musical are always better in context, and we don't want to accidentally find a spoiler in a lyric now do we?

Frozen II will hit theaters November 22.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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