Frozen 2 Trailer Is Epic And Everything We Were Waiting For

Disney's Frozen was an incredible success, even by Disney standards. Millions of people fell in love with Anna and Elsa and they wanted to see where the story go after the credits rolled. Now, after years of waiting, we finally have our first look at Frozen II, and its official title, and it's everything we've been waiting for. Check it out right now.

The trailer is strangely tense, showing that Frozen II may not be a movie that's quite for the faint of heart. It opens with Elsa alone on a black sand beach trying to fight the waves. She's meeting with limited success. Why she's fighting the current is not explained here, but the music and the look on her face make it clear that this is serious business.

Not a word is spoken by any of the characters so nothing that we see is put into context, but the word "epic" certainly comes to mind. This feels like it's going to be an epic adventure for Anna, Elsa, and the rest, and I am here for it. The use of the song "Vuelie" from the first movie, though in a new arrangement with a different chorus, is perfect, as it reminds us of the original film while also making it clear this one will be something new and different.

I'm not sure quite what I was expecting out of Frozen II, though some snowman jokes and some nice music was probably on the list. While I'm sure the final film will provide just that, the trailer goes in an entirely different direction. In the final seconds Anna draws a weapon and swings at something off screen. That's not exactly the Anna we knew from the first film. Anna certainly matured during her journey of the first movie, but she wasn't a fighter like this. Things have changed in Arendelle, assuming, of course, that's even where they are. We see our crew of heroes looking over a city but it's not obvious where it is, or if they're arriving or leaving.

A new poster was also released along with the new trailer. It looks to be a simple snowflake, though it also has similar symbols inside it as the crystals that we Anna looking at in the trailer. She's clearly distressed by them, meaning they are likely at the center of the film's conflict.

Frozen 2 poster

We know there's a lot more to Frozen II that we're not seeing here. New voice actors have been brought on board to voice new characters, and we get only the briefest look at a couple of characters we don't know. Certainly not enough to give us any idea how they factor into the story.

While it's wonderful to finally get a first look at Frozen II, this trailer is likely to only get fans more excited and impatient for the final product. Frozen II will be here in November.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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