Josh Gad's Description Of Frozen II Will Make Your Day

Olaf and Anna in Frozen II

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We have just a few short days before Disney finally releases Frozen II, the long-awaited sequel to the animated phenom Frozen. The movie is likely to be one of the biggest releases of the winter, but if you ask lead voice actor Josh Gad, it’s basically an independent film. You can take a look at his hilarious description of Frozen II below.

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The critics have a lot of thoughts about the movie, which Josh Gad alludes to with his pull-quote; however, I’m basically in stitches thanks to his description of the movie, which actually includes “a former ice salaryman who speaks in reindeer voices” to describe Kristoff, among other amusing thoughts.

Josh Gad is known for his avid and popular Twitter account, but if this description doesn’t make your day – or at least get you even more pumped to see Frozen II – we’d be a little surprised. (Or at least think you clicked into the wrong article.)

In general in the Frozen franchise, Josh Gad gets some of the best laughs within the franchise while voicing Olaf. Even his song in the original movie about wanting to spend time out in the summer weather as a snowman gets a lot of giggles from the audience.

Previously, Josh Gad admitted that he had some trouble jumping back in to play Olaf for Frozen II, given the “heightened” way property characters such as the animated snowman need to be played and also just the fact that Olaf is older and seeking answers to more grown-up concerns this time around. Still, if this tweet is any indication, expect the character to be hilarious once again.

We’ve seen a little bit of this “new” Olaf in clips for Frozen II.

Given Frozen II is expected to make somewhere between $115 and $145 million just during opening weekend alone, the use of “independent” is particularly amusing. For comparison’s sake, the highest-grossing indie movie of the year right now is The Peanut Butter Falcon, making about $20.7 million dollars worldwide. That's a great number for that movie, but obviously pales in comparison to a big Disney release.

It's also worth noting that sequels often make more than original movies, as they have a built-in fanbase. Given Frozen made more than 1.2 billion worldwide, all eyes will be on Frozen II to see how it fares in the coming weeks.

Josh Gad has helped to keep the focus on Frozen II ahead of its theatrical release, sharing plenty of cute posts featuring Olaf and hyping fans up for more from Anna, Elsa, Kristoff and Olaf in general. It also helps that Disney+ dropped this past week, giving audiences who sign up for the free 7-day trial access to the original animated movie, which may be worth revisiting before fans catch up with their favorite characters.

With just a few more days to wait before Frozen II officially hits theaters, anticipation would have been high with or without Josh Gad’s social media participation. Still, I’m pretty happy the movie is coming with it. Catch Frozen II with your family starting on November 22 2019 and see what else is coming to theaters with our full schedule.

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