No Time To Die Posters Reveal First Look At New Characters

Rami Malek in No Time to Die

Yesterday we got a brief tease of what the new James Bond movie will look like. Tomorrow we will see the first trailer for No Time To Die. However, today didn't want to be left out of the James Bond hype, and so today we get a collection of character posters, showing off both those characters we know, and the ones we're seeing for the first time. That includes our first look at Rami Malek, or at least, the first look at his actual face.

The teaser released yesterday showed us a distorted figure in a mask which we took to be the big bad of No TIme to Die. Even if that was Rami Malek, he won't be wearing the mask the entire film, because the new character poster featuring him shows off the real person, and he's looking every bit the Bond villain. Check it out.

Rami Malek poster for No Time To Die

Rami Malek is dressed all in black and he's certainly got a menacing look on his face. If that's not a James Bond villain, I don't know what it could be. His face looks, textured, somehow. It doesn't quite look like scaring. It could just be that Rami Malek is being aged up a bit, as he does look a bit older here than he actually is, or it could be that Malek's character has something going on physically which likely will match his evil heart.

Now we know what Rami Malek's character looks like, if only we knew anything about who the character was. Our villain is being kept under some tight guard for the most part. His name is Safin, but that's basically all we know. Perhaps when we see the first trailer tomorrow, we'll get a few answers.

Of course, Rami Malek isn't the only new cast member joining No Time To Die. Ana De Armas will be the franchise's newest "Bond Girl" playing Paloma. We saw her briefly in the teaser footage blasting away at something with a pair of guns, and she's equally well armed in her poster as well.

Ana de Armas in No Time to Die

Ana de Armas had previously described her character using words like "nervous" and "scared" but she also said that when Paloma needs to perform her job, she gets it done. Her job is apparently shooting people with machine guns, and she appears to do her job quite well.

There are other new character poster for other characters we've met before. Jeffrey Wright's Felix Leiter is there, as is Lea Seydoux and Ben Winshaw. We also see a poster for Lashana Lynch, who will apparently have become the new 007 now that James Bond has retired. She looks ready to kick a significant amount of ass in her own right.

Lyshanna Lynch poster for No Time To Die

But of course, we can't forget the man himself...

Daniel Craig as james Bond

Everybody looks ready for for Daniel Craig's big final farewell as James Bond. No Time To Die will hit theaters in April.

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