Good News, Henry Cavill Still Wants That Man Of Steel Sequel

Man of Steel Superman smiling, as he sits cuffed in an interrogation cell

While most fans of Zack Snyder’s efforts with Warner Bros and DC’s now scrapped extended universe plans are still waiting for the fabled arrival of the “Snyder Cut” to Justice League, there’s another subject that needs to be discussed among fans of the DC cinematic canon: the long talked about sequel to Man of Steel. Most fans don’t talk about that prospect as fervently as they do the second take on Justice League’s vision, which is really a shame. Especially considering how actor Henry Cavill, the modern Superman himself, really wants that story to continue.

Cavill stoked those particular fires with these words of encouragement:

I would rather talk about what is going to happen in the future. The future of Superman, how I can express that character from the comic books, which ties in nicely to Man of Steel. Man of Steel I really like that movie and I’d like to be able to tell the story, where it was left at that point.

Those remarks stemmed from an initial line of questioning that pertained to Justice League’s “Snyder Cut,” as the actor sat down with ReelBlend co-host Kevin McCarthy, to discuss The Witcher. Out of that talk, which revealed that Cavill hasn’t seen this long sought alternate cut of the film himself, also came the actor’s excitement to continue the story that Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel left off. Which, when you consider the gap between that story and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, it feels like there has to be at least one, if not several, adventures that could have taken place in the interim.

Of course, the next question involving any potential Man of Steel sequel would be whether or not Zack Snyder would be involved in the film’s production. With his talents currently locking down Army of the Dead for its’ eventual release to Netflix, and no indication of what sort of projects is next up on his docket, there’s no telling if Snyder would be available.

And considering the recent friction between the director and his former employer pertaining to whether or not that pesky “Snyder Cut” exists, there’s a possibility he might not even want to jump back into that particular driver’s seat. Then again, Mad Max: Fury Road director George Miller was once suggested as the new steward of the Kryptonian powered franchise, so there’s always a chance that should Man of Steel 2 be revived, Miller could finally get to make the superhero movie he’s long been destined to undertake.

Come to think of it, George Miller might be the perfect choice to direct this hypothetical follow-up to Man of Steel, as Henry Cavill revealed what he felt the film should be about in further detail, while talking to ET Online. That vision is based on this kernel of an idea:

I'd like to delve more into the aspect of Superman [that] we traditionally know, coupled with where we left him with Man of Steel. It's the hero who is trying to exist in a world where people may say he's not relevant anymore -- where, actually, he's extraordinarily relevant and it's him coming to terms with that and becoming that relevance and showing people that hope does exist without it being too chocolate box. I wanted to still have an edge but to have some warmth to it and to have some hope to it.

While it’s not fair to say that Henry Cavill is over the quest for the “Snyder Cut,” it is within bounds to say that Man of Steel 2 is something he’s much more interested in pursuing. As Warner Bros’ playbook for DC Comics cinematic output is still very much in question, there’s no telling what’s the next priority. But so long as the last son of Krypton holds out hope for his own return, fans shouldn’t douse their lamps just yet.

For now, you’ll be able to see Henry Cavill step into the role of Geralt of Rivia in Netflix’s The Witcher, which premieres on Netflix December 20th.

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