Quentin Tarantino Seems Convinced Kill Bill 3 Will Happen

The Bride's bloodied face in the fight with Elle Driver

Will we ever see Kill Bill Vol. 3? It’s a question we’ve been asking pretty much since Kill Bill: Vol. 2 opened in theaters back in April 2004. But after 15 years of waiting, and with only one film left on his self-imposed 10-movie cap, it might seem like we’re never going to see the continuation of Quentin Tarantino’s martial arts revenge epic. Not so fast though, because Quentin Tarantino seems convinced Kill Bill 3 will happen. When asked about it, the director said:

It is definitely in the cards.

Over the years, Kill Bill Vol. 3 has seemed at times like a certainty and at others like it was never going to happen. Now, a decade and a half after Uma Thurman’s Bride completed her bloody tale of revenge, Quentin Tarantino is still entertaining the possibility of making Kill Bill Vol. 3. Not only is he entertaining the possibility, but he seems to be genuinely considering it.

As Quentin Tarantino told Andy Cohen on Radio Andy, Kill Bill Vol. 3 is definitely in the cards and could very much still happen. The way the director talked about it makes it seem like he is convinced that Kill Bill Vol. 3 will actually be made. Of course, we’ve been here before over the years and Beatrix Kiddo has yet to return to our screens, so I wouldn’t count on it until a release date is set and it begins filming.

That Quentin Tarantino is now giving Kill Bill Vol. 3 solid odds of happening isn’t happening in a vacuum either. The director, whose most recent film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood looks to be a major contender in the upcoming awards season, told Andy Cohen that he recently had dinner with actress Uma Thurman. Moreover, he seems to have gotten past the creative roadblock preventing a third movie in the Kill Bill saga.

It was always assumed, based on previous comments from Quentin Tarantino, that Kill Bill Vol. 3 would follow the daughter of Vivica A. Fox’s Vernita Green as she sought revenge against Black Mamba. It’s unclear if that is still the case, but Tarantino also told Andy Cohen that figuring out the concept and what’s happened to The Bride was the biggest obstacle to the film happening.

Quentin Tarantino didn’t want to just send Beatrix on another adventure, but he’s now conquered that obstacle and found what he thinks is an interesting way to continue her story. Tarantino has an idea and Kill Bill Vol. 3 is definitely in the cards. Will it happen?

If it does, it won’t be for a little bit. The director says that he wrote a play and a five-episode TV series, so Kill Bill Vol. 3 would presumably be at least three years away after he works on those other projects. He also indicated that he would not do another movie before Kill Bill Vol. 3, if indeed he winds up doing that film at all.

Although it’s not a guarantee, Quentin Tarantino’s comments here seem to be the best news yet for movie fans hoping for a Kill Bill Vol. 3. He also recently said his last film would be epilogue-y, which also feels like evidence in support of Kill Bill Vol. 3.

Of course, you can’t talk about Quentin Tarantino’s next movie without addressing his self-imposed plan to stop at 10 movies, with Once Upon a Time in Hollywood being his ninth. Maybe Kill Bill Vol. 3 will be his last or maybe he’ll use one of his loopholes (like he could with Star Trek) to count Kill Bill as all one movie, as he already does with Vol. 1 and Vol. 2.

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