The Eternals’ Kumail Nanjiani Is Jacked Now, And His Wife Loves How People Are Freaking Out

Kumail Nanjiani in The Big Sick

There are many words one might use to describe Kumail Nanjiani. "Funny" is certainly one. He's a great stand-up comedian. He's an Academy Award nominated writer. He's clearly smart and he's probably a lot of fun to be around. There are many ways to describe Kumail Nanjiani and, as it turns out, "jacked as fuck" is also one way you could describe him.

Kumail Nanjiani is mostly known for comedies. His last film Stuber, was a story specifically designed to put him, a not physically imposing person, next to Dave Bautista, who is what happens when a bicep obtains sentience. However, Nanjiani has been cast in The Eternals, The Marvel Cinematic Universe's entry for next November, and that means the man has been working out to get himself in superhero shape.

This morning Kumail Nanjiani posted some of his "after" shots, displaying what 12 months of intense diet and exercise has done to him. Needless to say, he looks incredible and people are absolutely losing their mind over just how good he looks, but what's even better than the response to these images, is the response of Emily Gordon, Nanjiani's Big Sick co-writer, and also his wife, to the people going crazy.

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Ummm...yeah, Kumail Nanjiani is looking absolutely incredible, and it seems nobody is enjoying the response to quite the degree that Emily Gordon is. She has been in the unique position of watching the entire transformation into an MCU superhero from the outside. In Nanjiani's original post, he thanks Gordon for putting up with his complaining, as the work required to get here certainly wasn't much fun. Having said that, it appears it worked out for everybody involved.

We had heard that Kumail Nanjiani was getting ripped, but we simply had no idea. In the press for Stuber, Dave Bautista talked about watching Nanjiani learning the ropes of physical fitness. He got a real kick out of watching the actor start to transform, not we know exactly how big a change we're getting.

Of course, now that the work has been done, I hope Kumail Nanjiani really gets to show it off when The Eternals hits theaters next year. The traditional look for most of the characters in The Eternals comics aren't exactly the tight spandex that we generally associate with comic book superheros. The Eternals are a very odd group of characters and they tend to wear very odd outfits. There's not a lot of form fitting clothing designed to show off muscles.

Having said that, we could certainly see that change for the MCU versions of the characters. It would be an absolute shame if Kumail Nanjiani did all this work and then didn't get to actually show it off in the movie. He's clearly proud of the work that he's done, which is why he posted these images in the first place.

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