Ryan Reynolds Dubs 6 Underground, Poorly, In Hilarious Netflix Promo

Ryan Reynolds in 6 Underground

Michael Bay’s 6 Underground finds six agents of different nationalities coming together for a globetrotting mission to save the world. The whole affair has a real international flavor to it, and it will play for audiences all over the world on Netflix. As such, the film will have to be dubbed for non-English speaking audiences. Star Ryan Reynolds has embraced this and taken it upon himself to dub 6 Underground, poorly, in a hilarious Netflix promo. Take a look:

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Ryan Reynolds is truly a citizen of the world. It's no wonder he was picked to play the leader of a group of secret agents with linguistics skills like that. If he hadn’t been so charming and photogenic, he probably could have had a great career as a spy or a translator. It’s fortunate for us he didn’t because we get to see ridiculous things like this.

Some actors do all their own stunts, and while that’s impressive, Ryan Reynolds shows he has some special skills of his own because he allegedly dubs all of his own movies, including 6 Underground, which we see here. We all know bad dubbing can ruin a movie experience, but here we have the original actor doing his own dubbing, so the voice fits with the person onscreen. Normally that would be a huge advantage, except for maybe in this instance.

It appears that a few things may be getting lost in translation here with Ryan Reynolds’ dubbing, because his lines don’t quite fit with the scenes from 6 Underground that they’re paired with, even in a film that is peak Michael Bay lunacy where logic is an option and not a requirement.

During an interrogation scene, his character states his opinion on the Renaissance, and while anyone who’s taken Art History knows it can be torture, I don’t think that dialogue really works here. And while Michelangelo’s David is a famous work of art, I’m not sure a statue of a naked dude is really the best pillow talk.

It’s almost as if Ryan Reynolds just likes hearing the sound of his own voice, and is just saying random things in a faux approximation of a different language. But he assured us at the beginning of this Twitter promotional video that wasn’t the case, so that can’t be it.

The funniest part of this whole thing is when Ryan Reynolds needs to mentally prepare himself to speak Gaelic, and does so by reciting the colors and shapes of the marshmallows in Lucky Charms cereal before launching into an Irish accent. He truly has a nuanced grasp on Irish culture. To our international friends who don’t speak English, maybe stick with subtitles for this one

6 Underground is now playing on Netflix in 39 languages. Sadly, I don’t think the Ryan Reynolds dubbed version will be one of them. But hey, a ridiculous ‘Reynolds Dub’ would probably be pretty entertaining if this video is anything to go off of. I guess that will go in the 'what if?' pile, along with the Snyder Cut, which it turns out, 6 Underground is not.

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