Does The Matrix Trilogy Exist In Matrix 4?

The Matrix Revolutions Morpheus, Neo, and Trinity bathed in green code

In the history of The Matrix, or any big ticket franchise for that matter, the rumors that spring up from the various phases of production tend to be rather exciting and outlandish. And boy, do those two words cover this latest whisper over just what The Matrix 4 will be doing to continue The Wachowskis' sci-fi/action saga. Not only is there now a rumor that the previous film trilogy will exist in the world of the next film, it’s actually a video game in the world of the Machines!

Allegedly, this rumored plot point has come from an unlikely source, as audition tapes for a film titled “Project: Ice Cream” have surfaced online. Reports have pegged these videos as auditions for The Matrix 4, with the title being a cover for the production. Not to mention, the dialogue used in said auditions referring to a game known as “The Trilogy,” with details dropped in the lines recited by these auditioning actors, it’s not hard to connect the dots.

The scene plays out like a conversation between a fan of “The Trilogy” and a programmer that was involved in creating this particular game. In this talk, there are details reflecting on how this particular game has changed people’s lives, with references to “free will versus destiny,” a protagonist called Mr. Sanderson, and a female character that looks like “you know who.”

Even if you just look at those details on a surface level, we just might have our first big insight into how Keanu Reeves and Carrie Anne-Moss’s returning characters fit into the world of this new Matrix film. With the original trilogy of Matrix movies existing as a sort of meta video game in the world of The Matrix 4, it sounds like the world of Neo and Trinity’s struggles against the machines was nothing more than a fabricated tale to keep the world engrossed in yet another device designed to enslave our minds.

Not only is this some cutting commentary on the world of modern video games, but this is also a pretty cool way to create a new world of players and programmers. Also, considering how The Matrix 4 star with actors like Yayha Abdul-Mateen II said that this new film had a “a very exciting and relevant script,” this definitely feels like it fits the bill.

Of course, all of this is predicated on these supposed audition tapes run by Knight Edge Media being legitimate auditions for The Matrix 4. For all we know, these could be tryouts for a fan film that’s looking to capitalize on writer/director Lana Wachowski’s revival of the legendary franchise she co-created. But then again, these could still be legit.

If you thought weighing the question of free will versus destiny was difficult, try debating whether or not a rumor like The Matrix 4 turning the previous film trilogy into a video game is real or not. Come to think of it, a whole bunch of questions start to form with this video game theory in play. Queries such as, “will Enter The Matrix finally get the love it deserves?” and “Were The Wachowskis inspired by their time working on the video game The Path of Neo to create this story?” are now flying through our minds, and honestly, it’s an exciting time to be a Matrix fan.

We’ll see what happens to pan out as the truth when The Matrix 4 releases on what’s being touted as “Keanu Reeves Day,” May 21, 2021.

Mike Reyes
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