Marvel's Mark Ruffalo Has A Theory On Why Fans Love MCU Movies So Much

Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner/Hulk in Avengers: Endgame
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It’s no secret how well the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been doing among moviegoers the past ten years or so. Can Disney’s superhero franchise even go wrong at this point? There seems to be a long way to go before fans ever become content with letting these superheroes go; saying goodbye to Iron Man and Captain America was tough enough. Now, Mark Ruffalo has a theory as to why the MCU is so popular. In his words:

It's no mistake that people have fallen in love with the Marvel universe because they want to see a world that is just. They want to see people who are fighting for the little guy and on behalf of the little guy. And this [Dark Waters] is a little guy fighting on behalf of other little guys.

As Mark Ruffalo puts it, he believes the comic book universe has amassed fans because it projects a world that people want to see on their own; where underdogs can save the world and evil does not prevail. By the little guy, he must not mean his own character of the Hulk… because he’s a big, big guy. A metaphor, maybe? Anyways, the actor steered the conversation to his based on a true story eco-thriller, Dark Waters. Check out his full statement to THR below:

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Did you hear that, Marvel fans? Mark Ruffalo thinks if you like Avengers: Endgame, then you’ll like his latest project, which follows corporate defense attorney Robert Bilott as he takes on an environmental lawsuit against a large chemical company and exposes the long history of pollution they’ve been behind.

Mark Ruffalo had the rare advantage of having the person he’s portraying, Robert Bilott, often on set or a phone call away to help inform his performance. As he mentions in the above interview, Dark Waters talks about a larger issue about the current system set in place that allows big businesses to take advantage of others, without paying mind to the larger implications and price the world pays for their work.

The Hulk actor has been a political activist with an emphasis on climate change efforts for some time, so taking on this role in Dark Waters seems only natural for the actor. The movie follows many intriguing whistleblower films, such as All The President’s Men, that often translate well to cinema, all while bringing an issue to the attention of audiences.

As for Hulk, there’s currently no clear plans about the future of Bruce Banner in the MCU. Mark Ruffalo has teased an upcoming meeting between him and Kevin Feige to discuss the green guy’s future, and the actor really wants to pitch Hulk v. Wolverine!

Check out the upcoming Marvel Phase 4 and 5 release dates announced so far! Dark Waters is in theaters now!

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