Don’t Breathe 2 Just Took A Big Step Forward

Don't Breathe Stephen Lang blindly aims his gun

On a day where Sony Pictures seems ready to take on the world, not only has movement been announced on a sequel to this weekend’s Bad Boys For Life, but the studio has revealed another long awaited sequel is about to have its day in the sun. Not only does Don’t Breathe 2 now have a director at the helm, but it’s been announced to be going into production this April!

Regarding who will direct Don’t Breathe 2, that search has yielded a pretty amazing choice. Rodo Sayagues, the co-writer of the original Don’t Breathe, is now the man in the director’s chair for the next chapter in the horrific misadventures of Stephen Lang’s Norman Nordstrom, better known as “The Blind Man.”

In addition to directing Don’t Breathe 2, Rodo Saygues has co-written the film’s script with Fede Alvarez. As the two previously collaborated in the same capacity on the 2016 original, with Alvarez in the director’s chair, this re-teaming seems rather wonderful the more we think about it.

Here’s where things get a little light on concrete information though, as THR states that the only details involving Don’t Breathe 2’s story come in the following short, but sweet logline:

[Don’t] Breathe 2 is set several years after the home invasion of the first movie, with the Blind Man living in quiet solace…until his past sins catch up to him.

Clearly nothing’s changed in the years since Don’t Breathe’s release, as even back when that first film was released to home video, Fede Alvarez and Rodo Sayagues were tight-lipped with the details on how Don’t Breathe 2 could end up playing out. All they would tease is that one particular idea brought them on board with the idea of actually making a sequel, and it was “the greatest idea for a sequel” that Sam Raimi himself had ever heard.

Putting that nugget together with the little blurb we have above, Don’t Breathe 2 sounds like it’s a potential rematch between Stephen Lang’s blind baddie and a previous victim who got away. Which hopefully means that Jane Levy’s anti-heroine Rocky will be returning from the first film, ready to conquer the trauma of the events she suffered almost three years ago.

There’s no speculated release date for Don’t Breathe 2, but it wouldn’t be shocking if the film, at the earliest, dropped in theaters this October as a surprise. However, seeing as Sony’s looking towards that month to repeat its Marvel fueled success with Venom 2, there’s a chance that an early 2021 slot could be a perfect moment to blind the box office with Don’t Breathe 2.

The fact that Bad Boys For Life looks like it’s off to a good start with a similar strategy only bolsters those chances, but as soon as we have a release date or any other information pertaining to Rodo Sayagues’ Don’t Breathe 2, we’ll break that news as soon as we have it.

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