The Matrix 4 Is Reportedly Bringing Back A Polarizing Character

The Matrix Revolutions The Merovingian and Persephone having a drink at Club Hel

Reviving the world of The Matrix is bound to bring some surprises to the table. With both the return of Neo and Trinity themselves, as well as the interesting role the original trilogy might play in the new The Matrix 4 story, there’s a lot of twists that have already tinted the mysterious waters of writer/director Lana Wachowski’s return to the world she helped co-create over 20 years ago.

And yet, there’s another rumor that’s promised yet another return that could make for an interesting future for The Matrix 4. If the latest news is to be believed, actor Lambert Wilson’s polarizing villain, The Merovingian, looks to be back again to raise some Hel.

In a recent interview, Lambert Wilson mentioned that he’s apparently talking with the appropriate parties to become a part of the next era of The Matrix. With the fourth film in this story continuum looking to start shooting early this year, the wheels are obviously going to have to turn pretty quickly if The Merovingian is going to come to play.

Unfortunately, that’s where the potential problems for this return present themselves, as during his interview with Allocine (via The Playlist), Lambert Wilson states that his own shooting schedule might prevent The Matrix 4 from sliding onto his docket. So while these talks to bring back this particularly memorable character are in their early phases, there’s a chance it might not work out the way everyone wants it to.

The Merovingian is undoubtedly a polarizing character, as his arrival in The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions is something that folks can either take or leave. Between Lambert’s accent being exaggerated on purpose, and The Wachowskis really going hard in the paint in their philosophical playground, the character’s purpose wasn’t exactly a universally accepted benchmark for the overall story that the entire series went for.

As such, the news that the The Matrix 4 might have The Merovingian returning sounds like something fans will either be excited to hear, or upset to behold. Whatever the case may be, it’s an interesting scenario that could fit in with the rumored story for this new film, especially with the original trilogy potentially existing in The Matrix 4’s plot as a successful video game.

Who better than The Merovingian to play an integral figure in the creation of that very game, as Lambert Wilson’s character was a powerful player who could save “exiled or obsolete” programs from deletion? Just as that particular plot point is not set in stone, neither is Wilson’s casting. Even if just one of those possibilities comes to pass, it’ll be exciting; but if we see The Merovingian returning as an overlord of “The Trilogy,” that very well could be a fantastic return that further ties the previous world of The Matrix into the more modern phase.

The Matrix 4 comes online on May 21, 2021; better known to the world as “Keanu Reeves Day.” But if you’re looking for the thrills and spills that this year will provide, then take a look at our 2020 release schedule to see what’s coming on the more immediate horizon.

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