Captain Marvel 2: 11 Major Questions We Have Before The Sequel Starring Brie Larson

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A sequel to Captain Marvel is officially happening! After the origin story surpassed $1 billion in box office earnings last year, we knew it was coming, but it’s now been confirmed Captain Marvel 2 is in the works for a 2022 release date. As excitement for Carol Danvers' second solo adventure begins to surge through our veins, we have a lot of questions about what’s next for the return of Brie Larson’s famous MCU role.

Captain Marvel 2 will be written by Megan McDonnell, who is also penning the WandaVision series for Disney+. The movie is a Phase Five release that will come out the same year as Black Panther 2. This time it will take place in the present day, following the first movie having a ‘90s flair. But other than that, there’s a lot of mystery surrounding the future of the franchise. Here are the major questions we have before the sequel:

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Did Captain Marvel Find A Permanent Home For The Skrulls?

The plot of the first Captain Marvel centered on the Skrull and Kree conflict. When Carol Danvers absorbed the energy that gifted her incredible powers, Yon-Rogg took her to Hala, turned her into a human/Kree hybrid and wiped her memory of her Earthly identity. For six years, she was known as “Vers”. Over the course of Captain Marvel, she discovers who she really is and that she’s been fighting for the wrong side.

In the 2019 film, she befriends a Skrull (Ben Mendelsohn’s Talos) and reunites him with his family. We find out that there’s a ton of Skrull refugees who are looking for a home as their war with the Kree rages on. Carol vows to help find them a new home and end the war between them. Is she successful?

Samuel L. Jackson and Brie Larson as Nick Fury and Carol Danvers in Captain Marvel

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Do Captain Marvel And Nick Fury Still Work Together?

One of the most memorable moments in MCU history has to be at the end of Avengers: Infinity War when Nick Fury pages Captain Marvel right before he is reduced to dust thanks to Thanos’ snap. It’s the ultimate emergency Fury needs to finally bring her away from her important work off-world and unite her with the Avengers. But fans have been asking for awhile, is this the first time she was ever called since the events of Captain Marvel?

What’s Captain Marvel and Nick Fury’s relationship following the first film? He could definitely depend on her to help for Endgame but do they still collaborate and talk since? At the end of Spider-Man: Far From Home it was made clear Fury is hanging with the Skrulls, but how are things specifically between Carol and Fury moving forward?

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Is Carol Danvers “In With The Times” Now?

One of the most entertaining aspects of Captain Marvel was the character just being dropped onto Earth in the ‘90s without much context about the culture and technology. It had a lot to do with the fact that her memory was erased in order for her to be a soldier for the Kree. By the end of the movie, she rids herself of her “Vers” name and becomes Captain Marvel. However, it was never really made clear if Carol Danvers was completely restored.

So, when we meet her again, is she Carol Danvers of Earth or is she more-so the otherworldly hero, who is a bit behind on the current culture of her people? Since Captain Marvel was all about her embracing herself, it will be interesting to meet her once she is comfortable in her skin.

Carol Danvers with Monica and Maria Rambeau in Captain Marvel

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Did Carol Ever Reunite With Maria And Monica Rambeau On Earth?

Another key aspect of Carol Danvers’ origin story lied in her relationship with Maria Rambeau and her daughter, Monica. Her and Maria are best friends and colleagues in the Air Force and Monica is something of a niece to Carol. At the end of Captain Marvel, Carol says goodbye to the pair in order to resolve the Kree/Skrull conflict, but we don’t yet know if she ever comes back to Earth to visit them.

Does the hero make it a point to keep visiting the Rambeaus between the events of Captain Marvel and Endgame or does she forget to reunite with them in between all the action. Also, comic book fans know Monica grows up to be a superhero in her own right, known as Photon, Pulsar and/or Spectrum. Will this happen in the MCU? And if so, will it be with the help of Carol or alone?

Jude Law as Yon-Rogg in Captain Marvel

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Will We Ever See Jude Law’s Yon-Rogg Again?

In Captain Marvel, Vers' mentor is Jude Law’s Yon-Rogg, who at first looks to be an ally to her, but ends up being the reason six years of her life have been torn from her. At the end of the movie, Captain Marvel sends Law’s character back off to Hala empty-handed without the Tesseract to send a message that she’ll be back to end the Kree/Skrull war.

One certainly has to wonder if there will be more to Jude Law’s Yon-Rogg or if the legacy of his character will end with the first Captain Marvel film. [In the comics, he becomes a major nemesis]( to Carol and the 2019 flick certainly sets up why Yon-Rogg may not like her. Could he emerge as a larger villain? Time will tell!

Brie Larson as Carol Danvers in Avengers: Endgame

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What Was Captain Marvel Doing During The Events Of Infinity War?

There’s a large segment of time in between the first Captain Marvel and when we see her again in Avengers: Endgame, even if the movies were only a couple months apart. Over 20 years! So what happened in between? Tons of movies could theoretically happen during this time, but it looks like Captain Marvel 2 is jumping to the present day.

So what was Carol Danvers dealing with when Nick Fury paged her? Where does she live now and what is her role? There’s a ton of mystery surrounding her life between her appearances on the MCU and we hope the sequel touches upon her life since the ‘90s.

Brie Larson as Captain Marvel in Avengers: Endgame talking to Black Widow

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How Did The Snap Affect The Other Worlds She Protects?

It was established in Avengers: Endgame that after the catastrophic Snap, the Avengers scattered themselves across the globe and the universe to help where they could. Captain Marvel was shown off-world, trying to make a difference with other planets, but it was super vague concerning just what she was doing.

We know a little bit about how the Snap affected Earth through the lens of Spider-Man: Far From Home, but how did it change other worlds? It will be interesting to see if the MCU continues to explore the conflict or simply move forward from it.

Goose the Flerken cat in Captain Marvel

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What’s Goose Up To These Days?

And for the most important question of them all: what about Goose? The Flerken stole the show in Captain Marvel and we just want to know how Carol’s furry friend is doing these days? Does he end up accompanying Carol off world as her feline friend/sidekick? Does Nick Fury ever forgive him for scratching out his eye?

It just wouldn’t feel like a Captain Marvel movie without another appearance by Goose. The character can store entire pocket dimensions in its stomach once its octopus-like tentacles start to come out. Will Goose lay eggs and have Flerken babies like his comic book counterpart Chewies does in the comics?

Female Avengers in Final Battle in Endgame

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Is Captain Marvel Officially An Avenger Now?

Brie Larson’s superhero was a massive part of Avengers history when she joined them for the huge final battle against Thanos. She got acquainted with quite a few of the heroes in Fury’s assembled heroes. But, we’re curious… does this mean she is an Avengers now? Or does she go straight back to her otherworldly post right after Endgame and forget about Thor, War Machine and such?

Jumping into Phase Four, audiences are unsure what the MCU landscape will look like. With Iron Man, Captain America and Black Widow gone, will the Avengers even exist anymore? If it is, perhaps Carol Danvers will act as the new leader? Kevin Feige did say she would “lead” the universe going forward.

Brie Larson as Carol Danvers in Captain Marvel

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Will Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel Have A Role In Phase Four?

Finally, our last and most imminent question is whether or not Brie Larson’s Marvel hero will have a role in the MCU before her return in Captain Marvel 2. Cameos from heroes in the MCU have become common as the world has been established on the big screen – whether it be through central team-ups or end-credit cameos. There’s a ton coming in Phase Four and it will be interesting to see if and how Captain Marvel fits in!

One thing to keep in mind is the Disney+ series WandaVision, which already has two potential connections to Captain Marvel 2. It has already been announced that the adult version of Monica Rambeau will appear in the Fall 2020 television show, played by Teyonah Parris. Also, considering the Captain Marvel 2 writer is also working on WandaVision, maybe they’re deeply connected?

There's clearly a ton to be excited for coming into Captain Marvel 2 in 2022! Sound off a theory in comments below!

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