No Time To Die Singer Billie Eilish Wants This Marvel Star To Be The Next James Bond

No Time to Die poster crop

Daniel Craig has made it as clear as he can that No Time to Die is his final movie as James Bond. Which is not to say the character of James Bond is dying even if Craig's Bond does find time to die in this 2020 film. Fans have been speculating madly about who could be the next Bond, and the young woman who is singing Daniel Craig out the door already has her choice.

Billie Eilish wants the next James Bond to be a popular Marvel star who is famous for playing a villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe ... and probably hopes you blocked out the memory of him playing another Marvel character in a Fox movie.

Singer Billie Eilish was quick with her answer on Capital Breakfast when asked if she had a pick for the next James Bond:

Honestly, Michael B. Jordan would kill that shit. I think he’d kill it.

Michael B. Jordan! Some fans will love that idea, others are sticklers about Ian Fleming's description, which is of a white male -- who is definitely not American. But Billie Eilish even said she'd like to see Jordan try an English accent. The Black Panther and [whispers behind hand] Fantastic Four star has also impressed action fans in the Creed movies, and his movie Just Mercy is the first movie of 2020 to earn an A+ CinemaScore. He's a popular guy, and he could clearly pull off any tuxedo or shirtless scenes required.

The Bond producers have already made it clear that the next Bond will not be a woman -- which is not to say that a woman can't have have the agent code 007, since that might already be the case in No Time to Die.

If history serves, the next James Bond will be a male actor fans are already familiar with, the way Daniel Craig already had more than 20 films on his resume before Casino Royale -- from Elizabeth and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider to Road to Perdition, Sylvia, Layer Cake, Enduring Love, Munich etc. To be honest, his career hasn't changed much around his five Bond movies, he still mixes big movies with smaller ones and loves a chewy character showcase like the one he got in Knives Out.

Michael B. Jordan isn't on CinemaBlend's recent list of 11 actors who have what it takes to fill Daniel Craig's shoes as the next James Bond. But that list is packed with actors fans have mentioned in the past few years -- from The Witcher and Superman star Henry Cavill to perpetual Bond list addition Idris Elba (who doesn't even seem to want the role).

A lot of James Bond fans weren't sure what to think when Billie Eilish was announced as singing the No Time to Die theme song, but she seemed to win over a lot of fans with the hauntingly beautiful final product, which has lyrics worth reading into, even if they might not be legit spoilers.

Since the Bond franchise is as British as tea time, it makes sense that No Time to Die is opening in the U.K. first. That happens April 2 and then we get it Stateside on April 10. Trying to avoid spoilers that week should be fun.

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