No Time To Die Set Photographer Shares 'Rad Shot' From Movie And The Story Behind It

Daniel Craig looking fierce as James Bond In No Time To Die trailer

You know what’s a cool job? Taking rad photos for huge blockbusters. It’s a job that certain people in the industry do in fact have, and the set photographer from James Bond’s upcoming 25th adventure No Time To Die recently shared some cool shots from the movie and the stories behind getting them.

Set photographer Jasin Boland has been a busy guy on social media this month. He’s shared some images from the sets of movies like Extraction with Chris Hemsworth, Disney’s Mulan and, of course, No Time To Die, the last Bond movie to star Daniel Craig. His Bond images have been pretty car-centric and the raddest of the rad has been this one:

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According to Jasin Boland, he barely had time to set up for this cool shot on the set of No Time To Die last year. It all worked out, however, and he was on the scene for the epic moment, capturing it on camera. This isn’t the only shot the photographer shared from the filming of this scene in particular, however.

Over the weekend Boland also shared a second vantage point from the smoke-laden Aston Martin scene, mentioning he spent time setting up different angles to be able to get a lot of good looks at the iconic vehicle. If you look carefully, he’s apparently under the tree during the creation of this shot!

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We've previously learned some fun facts about the upcoming No Time To Die. While that looks like an Aston Martin DB5, what you are seeing is actually a replica stunt car. Apparently, Aston Martin creates the chassis for the movie and then the team covers it with a carbon fiber body and 3D printed accessories, per BMW Blog.

That way, they can put whatever engine they want inside the car and treat it pretty roughly without worrying about that 7-figure price tag. And from the looks of the smoke and bullets, the car is going to go through the ringer in the new movie.

No Time To Die filmed in the early summer last year, although production was halted briefly when Daniel Craig allegedly injured his ankle while running. A few months later, we got our first look at Bond’s iconic Aston Martin for Bond 25, and by now we’ve gotten more of a chance to see it in action.

I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t excited for a Bond film, but this one will hopefully be particularly special. There’s the elephant in the room, which is that this will be Daniel Craig’s last outing as the iconic character. Then there’s the fact Rami Malek looks to be playing a particularly loathsome villain. Plus there’s allegedly some girl power going on with Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s script.

I know a lot of y’all are skeptical about whatever this movie is planning to do, but for me I’m just interested in the idea that the James Bond franchise is trying to innovate and potentially go in a new direction again. We were all skeptical when Daniel Craig came on the scene and the tone of Bond movies changed, but ultimately Craig’s Bond movies have been (mostly) well-received.

Anyway, we don’t have much longer to wait. No Time To Die will open in theaters on April 10, 2020. For more on what’s coming this year, take a look at the full movies schedule.

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