Did You Catch The Batsignal In The Batman’s Batmobile?

Robert Pattinson in costume as Batman

Matt Reeves' The Batman was stuck in development hell for a number of years, but the DC blockbuster is finally coming to fruition. Filming recently began on the Batman solo flick, which will debut Robert Pattinson's version of Bruce Wayne. Reeves has methodically revealed both the new Batsuit and Batmobile ahead of possible set videos, and it turns out the Dark Knight's signature vehicle had a subtle Batsignal in its design. Did you catch it?

Robert Pattinson has big shoes to fill when it comes to Batman, especially so soon after Ben Affleck's tenure as Gotham's Protector. But Matt Reeves has a unique vision and design for the character, which should help the audience accept this new Bruce Wayne. The Batmobile is a souped up muscle car, rather than the tank-like vehicle we've seen in the DCEU and Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy. Artist Ash Thorp helped to design the visual language of The Batman, and recently confirmed an understated Batsignal on the new car. Check it out below.

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Well, that's pretty damn cool. The Batman might have taken a long time to start principal photography, but it looks like those involved with the upcoming DCEU blockbuster are approaching their jobs methodically. This includes a brand new design for Bats and his gear, all of which has been well received by the public thus far. And considering the pressure that's associated with adapting such a beloved superhero, that's likely a great sign for the upcoming blockbuster.

Ash Thorp's tweet confirmed that the above shot of the Batmobile features Batman's iconic sigil. The Batsignal typically graces Bruce Wayne's suits and gadgets, as well as the sign that Commissioner Gordon illuminates when Gotham City needs the Caped Crusader's help. The Batman will feature Robert Pattinson and Jeffrey Wright as those two characters respectively, part of the killer cast assembled by Matt Reeves.

I'm eager to see more of how Matt Reeves and company (including Ash Thorp) continue to craft a new visual language for The Batman. From the limited footage we've seen so far, it looks like Batman's accoutrements will be a bit more realistic and modern. His suit is imperfect and raw, with the Batsignal on his chest rumored to be crafted from the gun that killed his parents. And for the Batmobile, it's going to be a mixture of classic comic inspiration and modern technology. What's more, he likely won't have quite as much high tech as we saw in the Dark Knight trilogy.

It should be interesting to see how much more early footage and shots of the cast come from the set of The Batman. Matt Reeves is seemingly releasing glimpses of the cast ahead of leaks, allowing Warner Bros. to control the narrative around the long gestating DC blockbuster. There's a big cast of iconic characters involved, and the generations of Bat-fans are chomping at the bit to see how The Batman's trio of villains end up looking.

Rather than focusing on one villain, Robert Pattinson's Batman will have to contend with three beloved members of his rogue gallery. Colin Farrell will be playing The Penguin, while Paul Dano is the psychotic Riddler. But fans are especially eager to see Zoe Kravitz' version of Catwoman, especially considering her unique relationship to Batman in the comics.

The Batman is set to arrive in theaters on June 25th, 2021. In the meantime, check out our 2020 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

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