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Scarlett Johansson Knows Why She And Chris Evans Had Such Great Chemistry As Nat And Steve

Nat looks at Steve in car Captain America: The Winter Soldier Marvel Studios MCU

Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans had so much chemistry as Marvel's Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow and Steve Rogers/Captain America, there are MCU fan posts galore paying tribute to Nat and Steve. In fact, one Captain America: The Winter Soldier fan posted a video titled "steve and nat having sexual tension for 3 minutes and 11 seconds straight" (you can watch it below) and it's exactly that.

Scarlett Johansson is already promoting Black Widow, which still opens May 1, 2020 for the time being, and she recently walked down MCU memory lane to discuss some of her favorite scenes.

When it came to that car scene in The Winter Soldier, Scarlett Johansson told EW it was her longtime friendship with Chris Evans that made the chemistry work. They first worked together 10 years prior in the 2004 high school comedy The Perfect Score and reunited in 2007 for The Nanny Diaries. Johansson said that foundation helped make the Nat and Steve dynamic of the MCU so effortless.

When you see Nat and Steve in the car in Winter Solider and they're talking to each other, it’s really a result of 10 years of knowing somebody and being able to have a kind of intimacy with them that I think you get from just spending a lot of time with somebody and knowing their soft underbelly. We had a lot of fun doing it.

Yes, Scarlett Johansson knows the "soft underbelly" of America's Ass! Seriously, though, Nat and Steve had a natural chemistry, whether you want to see it as platonic or otherwise. (Apparently Cap saw it as platonic since he basically Friendzoned her in that car scene.) The dynamic between the characters was so rich, with her playfulness and sarcasm meshing with his earnest depth.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Natasha kisses Steve on escalator Marvel

Some fans are still upset Nat and Steve never got together after the tease of their escalator kiss. Instead, the MCU tried to connect Nat with Bruce Banner and gave Steve that random romance with Sharon Carter before reuniting him with the true love of his life, Peggy Carter. I can't argue against Steve and Peggy, but 2014's Winter Soldier wasn't just a fantastic movie on its own, it was an obvious showcase of Nat and Steve as a duo.

Not that Nat and Steve only showed chemistry in The Winter Soldier. Their bond went deeper than that and carried from The Avengers to Winter Soldier, Age of Ultron, Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Infinity War, and Avengers: Endgame. I wish Steve had been given more time to mourn his friend Nat in Endgame, but her sacrifice was too closely followed by Tony Stark/Iron Man's death. That's one regret the Endgame writers shared about Black Widow's storyline, that the movie had to go on instead of spending time grieving Natasha.

Now fans can spend more time with Natasha in Black Widow, which is set right after the events of Captain America: Civil War and before her return for Avengers: Infinity War. Although Black Widow appears to spend a lot of time in Nat's past, it remains to be seen how it might set up the following MCU Phase 4 movie, The Eternals, which opens in November.

Black Widow is currently scheduled for release on May 1, 2020.

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