Following F9 Delay, Fast And Furious Fans Spent Last Weekend Watching Hobbs And Shaw And Tweeting About It

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One of the most highly anticipated movies that was almost here when the world decided to go completely bonkers was F9, the next entry in the long running Fast & Furious franchise. However, that movie, like every movie that was on the calendar for the next month or so, has now been pushed back, and we'll have to wait a full year to get Justice for Han. However, if you're a serious Fast & Furious fan, good news, Hobbs & Shaw just dropped on HBO.

Last year's Fast and Furious spinoff movie just hit the cable channel and since DirecTV was apparently running one of those free preview weekends, and nobody was leaving the house, a lot of people were live tweeting their viewing of the film, and there are a lot of opinions about this one.

While Hobbs & Shaw did reasonably well at the global box office, it didn't do nearly as well as recent entries in the main Fast & Furious series, which means that a lot of people had never seen it before, and some of those people are a little upset about it.

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Whether or not one considers Hobbs & Shaw to be a "good" movie, I feel like it's fair to say we can all agree the movie is completely bonkers. The Fast & Furious franchise as a whole has never let simple things like common sense or gravity stand in the way of great stunts, and Hobbs & Shaw just takes the whole thing to another level, and that's just fine with some viewers.

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Hobbs and Shaw is a movie about about an artificially enhanced human attempting to obtain a super virus, which, in addition to perhaps hitting too close to home, especially considering the recent Idris Elba news, is an obviously insane premise that's meant to make audiences suspend disbelief. Of course, not everybody watching the movie can do that.

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Still, if you're stuck at home and there isn't much to do except watch movies, you could do worse than watching Hobbs & Shaw. Or, maybe you couldn't.

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So maybe Hobbs & Shaw isn't quite enough to keep Fast & Furious fans satiated for the foreseeable future. F9 was only a few weeks away, and now it's more than 52 weeks away. While most of the movies that have had to postpone release are just sitting in limbo waiting to see what happens, F9 decided stake a claim to a release date 12 months later. It was an easy enough date to grab, as it was the one the franchise had originally claimed for its tenth installment, but due to various delays and the spinoff, that movie wasn't going to come out next year anyway.

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