Parents Defend Disney+'s Frozen II After Others Complained Their Kids Won't Stop Watching

Anna and Elsa in Frozen II

YouTube commentator Jim Sterling has said that in any internet argument there are, at minimum, three phases that you can be sure will happen. First, you have the initial response to a thing. A majority, or at least a vocal subset, will form around a particular opinion. Then, you have the backlash, where a second group decides to tell the first group how wrong they are. Finally, you have the backlash to the backlash, wherein the first group, or possibly a third group, then goes after the second group in order to tell them to calm down and that the first group was right the whole time. We have now reached that moment on the topic of Frozen II on Disney+.

During the self-isolating, social distancing coronapocalypse that we're all experience, Walt Disney Studios made the somewhat surprising decision to release Frozen II on Disney+ only a couple weeks after it had been released on Blu-ray and DVD. Fans rejoiced. With schools closed and kids at home, there was something that would keep them entertained, perhaps even a brand new movie those kids hadn't seen before if they hadn't been taken to the theater.

But then the backlash began. If you have or had kids, you know they have a tendency to watch the same movie over and over again, or have since the advent of the VCR. They can be relentless, which caused many parents to very publicly talk about how crazy Frozen II was driving them.

And now, we have the backlash to the backlash. Parents, and others likely, on CinemaBlend's own Facebook page, are taking those parents to task, some for overreacting to the situation, and others for not telling those kids to just turn the damn movie off. That's the opinion of one of the most popular comments to our backlash story, which reads in part...

Dear Parents, it’s your job to be...the PARENT. If you don’t want them watching it again, say no. If little Johnny has a meltdown, then feel free to handle that how you see necessary...

A lot of people on our Facebook page supported this idea, and posted similar sentiments themselves. In all honestly, most of the parents complaining about the ongoing Frozen II marathon's are probably just having some fun and not actually as annoyed as they claim, otherwise, one hopes they certainly would shut the movie down. Although, considering that everybody is stuck in the house, trying to avoid meltdowns isn't the worst motivation in the world right now.

Of course, while Frozen II has only been on Disney+ for a little less than a week, it was released on Digital platforms over a month ago, so some parents have no sympathy for those currently complaining, because they've been living in that world for weeks...

I’ve watched it average 3-5 times a day since February 11. These parents can chill. I got months on them.

And some parents are actually the real reason the movie hasn't been turned off...

Not going to lie, the more I watch it, the better it gets... and I have to convince my 6 year old princess to watch it with me.

In the end, with kids stuck at home, the fact is that they have to do something, and many are of the opinion that watching Frozen II several times is far from the worst way kids could be spending this new found free time...

I have no complaints whatsoever! FII is so much better than the you tube junk my kid usually watches. Yes, it gets old after a while, but she’s occupied and I can be in another room doing what I need to do.

Considering the situation, everybody on both sides is probably a bit more on edge than they otherwise would be. At some point, the kids will find something new to watch, and then they'll watch that 100 times and some parents might be wishing to here "Into the Unknown" one more time at that point.

Dirk Libbey
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